Saturday, October 28, 2006



Anonymous said...

halloin attack ?

Anonymous said...

test !!

Anonymous said...

may-be Blogger wants you to get the beta version ; it used to do me some bad jokes before ;

with the beta, you have to change your previous IP to the gmail account

Highlander said...

No idea what kind of attack it is but I am unable to post on my own blog Nomad.
I don't want the Beta version , why should I be forced to get it ? hmmm maybe blogger does want me to that. Meanwhile I'm frustrated and unable to post.

A.Adam, I keep getting and error message- saying 'archive error ' weird even after I republished the whole blog.

A.Adam said...

Hi highlander,
first I don't know if you can to switch to Blogger beta or not there's some requirements see it :

about the archive error I'm not sure but in the recent days I experienced when I made a small change in the blog template it completely ruined by "Comment settings" almost all the values were toggled including the "Enable Comment Moderation" setting.
but don't worry here's a link to Blogger status
They said :"There are problems with publishing to blogs. We are working on fixing this. Blogs on the beta are not affected."