Friday, November 12, 2004

Yasser Arafat 1929-2004

The Israelis and Mr. Bush have no excuses left not to negotiate peace terms, their main 'obstacle' has been duly removed. So we get to watch how sincere they are now .

Update Sunday 14th November: 'Libya pays tribute to Palestinian President Yasser Arafat who passed away Thursday Morning. The Secretariat of the General Peoples Committee declared three-days of mourning, lowering the Green Flag to mid mast, and cancelling all programmes and celeberation manifestations across Libya including Eid al-Fiter celebrations. [JANA]'

Monday, November 01, 2004

Who will win the US election ? I DEMAND TO VOTE TOO !!!!

Well I've already posted my opinion about the whole subject, but I received an email from a dear friend of mind this morning with a new twist to the plot.
I would like to share it with you :)

Kerry is the favoured candidate by the Zionist lobby as he would be under their control just to become president. Bush does not need them anymore as he would not be seeking a new term regardless of whether he wins or not this time .
If you noticed Bush has actually abandoned his democratisation programme for the Middle-East as a means to dry up the sources of terror. This plan it is worth noting has caused terrible pain to Israel.

So here I am wishing I could vote in the US elections, I would VOTE BUSH, do you know why ? because it will twarth the Zionists a little and because of a proverb which says to the effect that : 'the enemy that you know is better than the one you still have to learn about .....'

Moral of the day , they are both bad , it's dumb and dumber out there, but at least we won't have Kerry trying any histrionics on us...we got used to Bush.

On another note: why ? how come Bin Ladin has conveniently emerged just on time for the elections?