Sunday, July 08, 2012

Libya's first general election

Still recovering from an epic election on Saturday 7/7/2012. 

Special thanks to all the Libyan heroes who made this possible but also to the countries that supported Libya last year in its fight for freedom and especially NATO :P.

photos source here.

We are now free to vote but also to abstain from voting  who would have thought so a year ago ?

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

PTSD in Libya

We are all suffering in one way or another in Libya but those who fought are suffering the most whichever side they were on. Not acknowledging or treating that is going to blow up in our face or come back to haunt us.

" Libyan soldiers have a lot of guilt, even if they fought against Gaddafi and felt like they were on the right side. They still feel a lot of guilt over killing another Libyan.
And for people who fought for Gaddafi, they are also dealing with a lot of guilt, perhaps feeling like they fought for the wrong reason. Guilt is something both sides are dealing with," 
Please read the whole article very interesting.