Monday, March 27, 2006

Rules for Palestine - Israel basketball game

A palestinian friend sent me this email today which attempts to describe ( as joke ) a game of basketball between an Israeli and a Palestinian team . This is the personal view of many of her compatriots who are currently living in the Occupied Territories. So I think it deserves to be at least looked into as it reflects what the so called 'other' thinks. Each side has a grievance against the other and maybe the international community should try and really constructively help both sides put aside these grievances in a win-win scenario which would ensure both parties will keep their 'face' aka honour intact .

My readers who enjoy controversy you will be delighted .... here you go people have a good discussion ( no flaming please ).


Rule 1: Israelis have the right to play on both sides of the court, whereas Palestinians can only play on their own side.
Rule 2: For security reasons Palestinians do not have the right to pass the ball between players, the ball could hit an Israeli player.
Rule 3: There will be no basket on the Israeli side.
Rule 4: Israel is allowed to shoot at any time even during time-outs.
Rule 5: Palestinians are not allowed to have supporters. Only Israelis should be supported.
Rule 6: Israel selects the sports press writers and what they report.
Rule 7: Israel encourages Palestinians to shoot into the Palestinian basket. Players who refuse will be nominated as terrorists and will not be allowed to play.
Rule 8: Palestinian players are allowed to leave the field, but cannot return. One exception: A Palestinian can be replaced by an Israeli!
Rule 9: Israel selects and instructs the referees, and tells them when to look away.
Rule 10: Israel is authorized to select the captain of the Palestinian team.
Rule 11: Israeli team's faults and Palestinian good plays will not be shown on TV.
Rule 12: Israel takes the money which sponsors pay to Palestinians clubs.
Rule 13: Only Israeli players get refreshments.
Rule 14: Palestinians are required to play, when and where designated by Israel.
Rule 15: Rules only apply to Palestinians; Israelis may change the rules during the game and are not required to advise the Palestinians of the changes.


Anonymous said...

Okay first off all I would like to apologize to Highlander, and everyone else on this blog, for the post I left a couple of days ago. I was totally out of line, and I am really sorry. Oh by the way I am a 18 year guy, (you reposted my post and you wrote him/her, and I just wanted to clarify that.) As far as the rules for the basketball game go, why in God's name would a Palistinian actually participate in a game with Those horrid "Isrealis", or should I say Western European Invaders. If I was a Palistinian I would not even share a water fountain with one of those disgusting pigs, much less a basketball. If the Palistinians want to reclaim their honor and dignety, I would suggest a more violent alternative. Thats just my opinion, please don't crucify me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was not a little disappointed reading this - I waited for some witty comments but what I found was mostly worn out clich├ęs... Well, some rules had that witty point (# 1, 8, 10, 14) but the rest... ah, so boring. The very very typical accusations that the whole world supports Israel against Palestine, the press is biased etc. Stop being a martyr all the time, concentrate on being that when you really deserve it, please, my dear Palestinians.

So, we'd need mentioning of a certain pro-Palestinian bias in certain Western media, Israel definitely being more heavily criticized than Arab countries but ah, that wouldn't be that one-sided anymore. Also, we could add here new rules like:

16. The Palestinian team is sponsored by the USA and EU. If they lose, they burn US and European flags but expect for the countries to go on sponsoring them.
17. The match can't be shown on any Arab tv channel because they don't recognize Israel. (Remember the case when Lebanon had to pull out of the Eurovision song contest when their tv would have refused to show the Israeli song to their viewers.) Of course Arab tv stations would be ready to show Taiwan play although none of them recognized Taiwan, so that's for the double standards.
18. Gulf countries would rather invest their oil money in American real estate than supporting the Palestinian team. In addition, like in 1990-91, they would be ready to expel any Palestinian guest basketball players from their countries if the Palestinian leader supports the wrong side in another regional match.
19. The match itself would receive a lot of attention world wide, much more than a game between two quite insignificant (in numbers and natural resources) nations ever would if they were any other nations.
20. Last but not least, the Palestinians would rather not play at all because they don't want to share the field with "Israelis", "invaders" and "disgusting pigs" as our Lybian American friend claims above. To which the world community's reaction would be not to blame the Palestinians for racism and intolerance but rather write a resolution condemning the Israeli security wall.

No, I'm not pro-Israeli or anti-Palestinian, I just want to have some, any, new perspectives into this conflict everybody must already be very tired of and bored with.

NBA (a good nick finally)

Highlander said...

Thanks Libyan American, apology accepted , you say you are 18 year old that explains the fiery outburst lol but it does not excuse it of course. Still it's good you realised it.

The basketball game I think was just alluding to what is going in in Israel- Palestine.

NBA :) I thought you would love the topic , being in the nick of things. I like your suggestions.

Anonymous said...

NBA you claim you are not PRO-ISREAL, but all the signs that you are, are present my friend. Their also seems to be a hint of ANTI-SEMITISM, in your post. Do you have a problem with the Ishmaelites? It seems so, I would seek some professional help. Its very sad that racism is still prevelent in this day and age, sad indeed. As far as the WESTERN MEDIA'S "Pro-Palestinian bias" That seems to be a total fabrication. What western media do you watch? FOX!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Angry Lybian American, no, I've never watched a minute of Fox in my life. Would be interesting, though, for getting some high blood pressure, I suppose.

It would be nice to talk to you more but I don't think it's worth it. I seriously don't believe you believe in what you're writing. I think you're someone trying to incite a flame war. I know the type - been there, done that myself as well ;-).

Highlander, hehehe, I noticed you probably addressed me in your introduction. Actually, I honestly think the whole Palestine-Israel topic is very boring. It just goes on and on... and really gets too much attention globally. Apparently the worst current conflict in the world is going on in Congo, and if we put some efforts there and if every time a rocket is fired somewhere there or an innocent person is killed that would be in the news headlines... But no, we're quiet on that. Yeah, I understand the Palestine-Israel conflict is a big issue to people who live it in their daily lives, yet, globally seen it's a minor and not even that bloody a conflict and therefore it shouldn't be given the over-publicity it's received for decades.

How's your vacation? You seem to spend it on blogging :-).


Anonymous said...

NBA. Everything I write I belive sometimes I exagerate a bit, but really the prime basis of my belifes are reflected in my posts. I don't actually belive you are an Anti-Semitist, or Anti-Arab, why would you post on this blog if you where? But as far as Isreal and Israelis are concerned statements like "disgusting pigs" and "filthy animals" don't even reflect half an iota of the hatred I have towards them. I am by no means trying to incite a flame war,if I was I would post on an Isreali ,or a Neo-Conservative blog not a Lybian blog. If my statements seem a little "crazy" you should know that they are only a product of the crazy world we live in. Please do not doubt my sincerity, I don't doubt yours. As far as the congo issue is concerned, you kinda of got a point, but I think the reason why the Isreal/Palistine issue gets so much light is because of the importance of the real-estate. Its not about how much violence is going on its about where it happens. If a murder happens in a low income area in a city, it does not make the news but if it happens in the subarabia, every news station is on it. Their is no place on earth more important than the HOLY LAND. Another reason why the issue gets so much attention from the mainstream media is because the mainstream media like it or not is controled by zionists, and neo-conservatives. The "creation" of Isreal is a sign of the times. The end times that is. Oh well I must go, I have to go and repeat many of these incrediably sophisticated, and intelectually superior ideas to my Sociology professor. So Long and GOD BLESS.
Enjoy your vaction highlander girl.

Anonymous said...

I agree with NBA on this one. I too was expecting some witty humour that would poke fun at both sides. But instead you get the same old one-track, tunnel visioned Palestinian victim mentality. How about adding these ones.

The Palestinians don't have to follow any rules, because they are not held to any standard.

If the Palestinians lose the game they can go to the UN and EU and whine about their loss. At that time the UN will say that the game did not count.

If the Palestinians are losing and see the game is unfair they can have the UN accuse the Israelis of not folling internationl Law. The same international Law that the Palistinians don't follow themselves.

Canada rules

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Angry Libyan, there is a difference between satire and blind stereotyping !