Sunday, September 30, 2007

Libyan Soup: The Best dish in Ramadan

Did I mention how much I love Ramadan? It is amazing what a restful time of year it is for me as I don't have to think about lunch or any other food schedules. Having my Iftar is enough and a little snack for Souhour.

In Ramadan everything tastes so much better. I don't think it is because we are hungry but I like to think that is because of baraka ( or blessings).

My favourite dish on the evening meal is the Libyan soup and this soup only tastes special with watani lamb meat ( watani meaning local. I can never tire of eating it for 30 days in a row so delicious it is.

My Iftar usually consists of a few dates to break the fast and some milk/water then I proceed to attack my salad while the soup cools down. I then just eat some burek or rice or whatever is available to have with it as main meal.

We later have fruits and tea. Nothing wasted, not much bread eaten. Souhour can be leftovers or just yogourt and some dates and water.

If you have a recipe for our excellent Libyan soup please share it here ( I admit I can't cook it LOL )


> said...


Hmmm Libyan Soup is awsome. But what I can really use is some macroona

Having my Iftar is enough and a little snack for Souhour.

Hmm I cant wake up for Souhour, and by the time Iftar come's I just cant stomach eating anything more then a few date's.

Anyway dude Ramadan Mubarak!

LadyCroc said...

Libyan soup is easy, but the true secret is cooking it s l o w l y for some hours!

Use meat, onions, courgette, egg plant, parsley, chickpeas, carrot and potatoes. Or red lentils. Whatever greenery you have.

Cut everything in small, small pieces and fry in pot. When meat is brown, put some smashed and blended tomatos and water in it. Add chili, lemon and salt.

Let it cook slowly for 3-4 hours.

15 minutes before serving, add orzo (lisan asfoor) and cook up for 5 minutes.

That´s it! Very easy.

a_akak said...

i am in with the soup :D but for us 3zab we take what is given to us :P

I also like Ramadan, as you feel so much lighter although a bit of hunger but i am getting use to it

Fe Aman Allah

Anonymous said...

Highlander, have you ever tried to cook with a slow cooker? It's almost impossible to mess up and meat in particular is tender beyond belief.

Roberto Iza Valdés said...

Does the average reasonable normal person in Libya gain or lose weight during Ramadan?

Anonymous said...

Souhor for me is a full mug / glass / can of Nescafe. At least two spoons of rice or two slices of sandwich. I can't fathom more than that.

Iftar on the other would consist of dates, fresh ones imported from some middle eastern countries ;-), local drinks or fresh juice, rice accompanied with a variety of dishes or when I'm too lazy to think of food, I'll just by a kebab and some pastries for dessert.

Hiba said...

كل اكلاتنا الليبة حلوة

بس رمضان السنة هادي مش جوع كله عطش

ربي يقدرنا نكملوه علي خير

Highlander said...

Lost Libyano - nothing beats imbakbka ! thank you

Safia Libyan soup is easy yet complex lol.

A_akak hopefully you will not be 3azeb for long he he he and then you can enjoy all the food in the world.

Curt - thanks no I have not that should be interesting as an experience- Thanks for the link.

Roberto Iza - it depends if you are doing some kind of sport you will loose weight from 3-8 kg in Ramadan if not then you remain the same.

Red - the food in Malaysia is so varied that one has only the problem of choosing what to it :)

Hibo - ameen I did not feel the thirst bas yes inshallah kheir !