Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where is everyone ?

I've been trying to catch up with some of my favourite Libyan blogs but many are no longer available for reading and others have not been updated for months.

It's funny how you get attached to the personality of a blogger and he/she becomes an important part of your daily reading.

What's up? I miss you all so much :)

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a_akak said...

I know what you mean :) ,,,, update more often !!!!

Hope u r doing well :)

Fe Aman Allah

ChrisinMB said...

hmmm... but you also seem to be suffering from LDS (Libyan Disappearing Syndrome)


ChrisinMB said...

oh! comments are moderated I see?
you don't trust us?? lol

...and here I thought I would be the first to comment :(

Highlander said...

LOL Thanks A.Akak :)

Chris, Akak beat you yes but moderation is for all our own good, in case I'm not around and the house falls on our heads you know :P

By the way I like the phrase LDS you coined -

ho said...

I don't know if I was among these lazy blogs you missed but I think I am back now ,still not sure though

asoom said...

I think the blogosphere in general has been declining in recent times

Unknown said...

It is either LDS in summer and then Depression in winter

The Libyan blogger reminds me of Picasso

a libyan lady said...

i blogged for 2 years non stop and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the libyan blogging family...

i got slapped back in the face and many probs arose due to social factors which are not worth mentioning. I do miss blogging but c'est la vie !
i now blog anonymously ,but its not as much fun. I do this so as not to lose my mind cause writing has healed me in so many ways....

good to see your back dear !
I always check your blog and enjoy every minute aspect .
May Alah bless you always .

Highlander said...

Libyano yes you were among the lazy blogs I miss- good to see you back.

Assoom, I'm just hoping it's a passing phase.

Music Lover ; lol @ Picasso I'm not sure if that is a compliment or not :) for Libyan bloggers I will take it that they have a crazy genius :p

Libyan Lady, sorry about your ordeal, it's better to stay anonymous unless you really want to blog and let everyone know who you are. Yes you are missed by the way my dear :P

Thanks to all who commented.

Anonymous said...

Still here, silent but deadly.

Anonymous said...

Blogs are addicting. smile and keep it up.

Highlander said...

Wissam it's good to see you are still here.

Torrey thanks and welcome to my blog.

Anonymous said...

it's been months since I last stop by your blog. Gosh, I have to check it out more often.

How have you been? I've been busy, hence the hiatus. Will try to find a topic to talk about.

Love ya,