Saturday, September 13, 2003

To Salampax..

I know you're safe everytime I read your blog.

I guess we won't feel the impact immediately, but I will watch for the telltale signs.

In this age of globalization , and unilateral force , it may be a good ( lifesaving idea) to put aside any nationalistic pride and dreams and try to survive.. So now that my country has passed the Lockerbie hurdle, hopefully all the remaining sanctions will be lifted and we can resume our lives. America has ruined mine and a lot of the lives of ordinary Libyan people.. hopefully now we can try to make up for lost time. Oh I’ve got nothing against the American people really; many of them just don’t know what really happened...

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Over the years, I have encountered Europeans, Americans, Africans, Asians and Australians from all walks of life.. The ones which struck me as the most ignorant about Arabs [and a lot of subjects] were the Americans and Europeans. Some of the questions I’ve been asked were downright stupid , it would be offending if it were not pathetic…

“ Do you live in tents? “ “ Is it true you still use camels?” , “ How come you are not wearing a burqua ?”, “ Is it true you all have oil at home ?” … Hey hold it right there … they actually think that the pipeline runs through our home and each family take their own barrels of oil and sell them on the market… So many myths that I wish to dispel...
once more
another brownout , everytime I think I saved the settings , I get cut off hope it works this time !!!
testing again
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