Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Best Comment for January 2007

Libyan NBA
The month is nearly over, you better have some new posts ready?
Thu Jan 25, 04:50:00 AM 2007

so cute ............:P
Keyword Analysis -January 2007

6 15.79% hai alandalus tripoli
4 10.53% elhmidi
2 5.26% crepe tunis
2 5.26% libyan girls
1 2.63% female hemaphrodite in arab
1 2.63% u tube 7mada
12.63% المثل الشع
12.63% constananople
1 2.63% national vangaurd
1 2.63% grendizer silver works
1 2.63% lady oscar arabic cartoon
1 2.63% matthew 10:33 explanation
1 2.63% bad libyan girl
1 2.63% how do foreign manpower companies work in libya
1 2.63% whiten armpits
1 2.63% how to arange a decent farewell
1 2.63% escort girls tripoli
1 2.63% stare between man and woman-means
1 2.63% alchoal in tripoli
1 2.63% life in syria
1 2.63% wanderer poem
1 2.63% omar khayam in arabic
1 2.63% italian landmines
1 2.63% get well whishes
1 2.63% alien abductions stories
1 2.63% grand prix no taka dvd
1 2.63% love vs marriage. one day plato
1 2.63% libya traficking

OK so there is a pervert, a romantic and a potential criminal smuggler :P on this site ......

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Second Life: real or fantasy ? ( updated scroll down for sunset view)

Being a blogger means you are involved quite a long part of the time online. Additionally internet technology advances mean we are 'IM ing' our friends, relatives and colleagues all over the place and at any time. If you put telephony platforms like Skype where we can actually talk voice and video conferences for free ( pc to pc ) into consideration, then it seems like myself and many others on this planet are living in a virtual world where the physical distance is hardly a problem anymore : with an internet connection and a console you are set .

However, there has been a small secret kept for the nerds and initiated which has started to spread in popularity in the last year(s). It’s a whole parallel world in cyberspace called appropriately ‘Second Life' . Corny eh ?

Articles are increasingly cropping out about Second Life and that means I can no longer keep silent about this phenomenon or another of my addictions : P to see new horizons, especially if the Swedish Embassy is opening an office now ! While the radical French politician Le Pen ideology has recently been greeted with protests and even violent demonstrations here ( hattip Programmer_Craig ).

Politics and activism ? this is serious stuff so if you were thinking that this place is teaming with cybersex and all sorts of 'fun' then think again. The 'greenies' are here as well , so if you care for the environment and global warming then why don't you log on to 'climate island' and check what solutions they can offer.

WOW, this means Second Life is NOT a fantasy world as we thought but a REAL one with all the attribute of this first life somewhere else. Online !

Background info

“Second Life, established in 2003 by the San Francisco-based Linden Lab, is proving an increasingly alluring alternative to the real world. Its founder, Philip Rosedale, says he's been into computer simulations since he was a kid. The firm provides a platform for users to create virtual businesses, take virtual marriage vows, have virtual sex, file for virtual divorces, build homes, hold jobs, buy Nikes and other pretend duds so their avatar (at least) looks cool. Second Life exists online, though there is a warehouse a few miles south of San Francisco humming with the expanding number of servers required to sustain its residents' dreams.[…] Avatars gather to simulate terrorist attacks using software that might be used in the real world - ideally, to prevent them from happening there. Politicians have started doing interviews in Second Life: earlier this year, the former Virginia governor Mark Warner, a possible Democratic presidential candidate in 2008, flew into a virtual town hall on Second Life (or rather, his avatar did) to be questioned by a virtual journalist and a crowd of avatars about such real-world issues as Iraq. Doctors are doing simulations that may have real-world benefits: a Californian psychiatrist, for instance, reported the Economist this week, has created simulations of schizophrenic hallucinations in Second Life to convey to his students a sense of how his patients suffer.” [more The Guardian].

Second Life has it’s own paper as well : The Herald ?

I have to admit I am a member there as well and my avatar is cute he he he. I was not very imaginative and tried to make it look like me ( modesty again). So NBA if you want that toe photo you can ‘see’ me there, while Craig can check my belly dancing outfit (joke).
Upon my arrival on ‘orientation island’ recently the inhabitants have been very gallant, maybe I managed to have that lost look even in cyberspace? Apparently men love to help you …. Well that is my experience at least :P so don't be shy or afraid everybody try it!

Now readers , would you confess if you are living in Second Life too ? tell me about your experience(s).

Actually thinking about it… maybe the Libyan Bloggers could have their meet up there since we are located in so many different countries saves on travel expenses eh ? or alternatively we could all agree to meet on Skype one day …. what do you think?

Other links :

(1) Journalism in Second Life
(2) Second life for kids
(3) Blogging Second Life
(4) Murder in /because of Second life

Some inhabitants enjoying the sunset!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Best of the Libyan Blogosphere -January 2007 ( Updated with Ashura )

I am happy to see how active the Libyan blogs have become, it's a whole rich wonderful community of various talents. Well, like every month you will now have to bear my personal pick of the the top posts- it was a difficult choice honestly.While I was away several new bloggers entered the scene and I've highlighted some of them below mixed in with the older bloggers.

Abughilan : "THE OLD, THE NEW AND A NAME IN HISTORY" , explore a little bit more of the rich Libyan history . "Durghut was born to a Moslem family in Anatolia, he was recruited at the age of twelve and trained to be a sailor and a gunner in Egypt and then Alger. He became excellent in both and for his bravery he was rewarded by his master then the famous Khair Eddin Barbarossa to become the commander of his own boat."

AngloLibyan : "This Really Happened!! " , debating the issue of school neglect " In this country, primary schools do not let any child out unless a parent or a guardian is there to take them home, what was the Headteacher of this school thinking??"

Ema : "They stole my laptop", Ema's brother forgot the laptop in a halway at the University , of course by the time he was back it had long since gone- مكانه سخون . "But we have hope that this person might return it tomorrow,see… we still have faith in people…"

Rose buds : "Kinedness" [sic], about over romanticising Libya .... "Being here and not arround my family and friends has made me forget a lot. Missing them, I would think of all the little small daily things that I miss. I forgot ALL about the biggest problem that we all have there. Gossip and joy at other's misfortune."

Keepsmile 5 : 'The husband store' , this is my favourite post on his blog , it is a joke but I really like it too much :) " A store that sells husbands has just opened in Tripoli, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE !"

A.Adam : 'New resolution' , "our head boss just decided today to make new one, I would like to call it "Law of Coffee"; Says No coffee will be serving during 08:30 until 10:30, and 11:00 till the end of work." Hilarious decision he he he

Hamza : "Libyan guy thinking" , typical us :P it's a cartoon, so click on it here.

Lebeeya : " The Libyan bloggers part I & II " is the only one to get the hounour of TWO best posts for this month for her analysis of the Libyan blogs ( ps and yes you have my permission to write about me as well so come on we need part III . ) .

Piccolina : is showcasing Ghadames and her amazing trip there .

Maysoon : " Dentist ? says who ? " , check her adventures to restore that smile :) "Ok, that is it, no more dentists for me, I was in bed for 5 days!!!!! that was as a result of my trips to the dentist, I am a person who loves to EAT and ENJOY FOOD, which I dearly MISS right NOW!".

Misratia : " جزىء المشكلة وتغلب عليها ", she blogs in Arabic and that is fantastic ( hattip Libyan NBA). Libyan Arabic blogs should be more visible . We already have Ghazi and A.Adam writing in Arabic sometimes. "كثيراً ما يجري تذكيرنا بأن الهدف الواضح والخفي لأعدائنا يتمثل في شعار :"فرّق تسد ".

Update 28-1-07 Last week was the Muslim New Year [19-21 January depending on where you are gerograpically ] we are now in the year 1428 and today is the Ashura , I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and especially the Libyan bloggers a Happy New Belated Hejiri New Year and a Happy Ashura .

Highlander links for Ashura

Highlander links for Hejiri New Year

Update 28-1-07 @ 8:00 PM

What I like about feasts is the spirit of generosity. So far the neighbours have sent us , freshly slaughtered lamb, boiled fava beans and chickpeans and a couscous bil bosla dish - all yummy and that is really so sweet of them to remember us like this .

Top 3 Highlander fans- January 2007

January is almost over, and although I have not blogged much, I still have some hardcore fans to which I'm grateful for reading my ramblings.

This month's top 3 are ...

( 1) Programmer_Craig => still in the lead since December 2006 .
(2) New commer Libyan NBA who is seriously competing for no. 1 spot.
( 3) NBA

Thanks guys, you're wonderful....

Friday, January 26, 2007

Research Project

Sarah who blogs here , is working on a research project on 'Middle Eastern women and blogs' for her Master's degree. She sent me a few questions when I was ill . I agreed to answer as many as I could and I'm publishing them here maybe some of you want to take her survey too ?- readers/bloggers are tagged as well.

1) Why did you start writing a blog? Was there a specific moment, event, of friend that urged you to begin writing?

Here is why I started writing !
2) If you had to think about your blog as a certain type of space what kind would it be? Is it a private space (like a locked diary hidden under your bed), a domestic space (like your house), a public space (like school or church), or a city space (like a crowded street where you don't know too many people)? Or do you not think of it this way?

It is all of these.
3) Do you have a goal for your blog? What is it?

No goal, just keep on writing until the muse goes away.
4) We think of a dreams as a measurement of how imbedded you are in something. For instance, when you start to learn a foreign language well you begin to dream in that language. Do you ever dream that you are blogging or having a conversation with someone through chat or email?

5) What does your avatar or blog image say about you? Why did you choose it?

My avatar was painted for me by another blogger friend Nomad. It is her own vision of how she thinks I look and eerily enough she is quite accurate .
6) What opportunities does blogging give you that you would not have if you did not blog?

Instant publishing of my thoughts and reaching out to a wide audience all over the world . Plus I love talking ... this way more people to talk with and learn from .
7) What is satisfying to you about blogging?

I can put the issues I have on my heart out there, no need to keep big diaries.
8) Do you ever use blog, chat, or internet services to find someone to date or flirt with online?
Do you talk to the opposite sex more online or in person?

Not intentionally but yes you can end up flirting online at times ;)
9) If you knew that everyone in the world would read your blog today, what two sentences would you write?

Keep reading . Please don't forget to comment and write to me .
10) If you could change anything about your life or country what would it be?

My life - nothing . My country - I wish I could ride a bicycle to work.
11) Have you made any friends through your blog that you wouldn't have in everyday life.

Yes tons even from the wonderful Libyan blogosphere; and I would never have been able to meet many of them if it were not online because of the distance.
12) Do you talk to people who have a different religions or culture than you on your blog or online?

Of course , what kind of question is that?
13) If you consider yourself to be Muslim, what is the hardest and best part about being a Muslim woman?

It is always hard to be a woman, regardless of religion, because you always need to take care of everyone , and prove yourself doubly.
14) Would you mind telling me your gender and age? Any other features of yourself you would like to reveal.—occupation, marital status, country of residence?

Female , live in Libya.
15) Anything you would like to add or comment on? Any questions for me?

Yes when will you finish your thesis and do you intend to visit the Middle East ? Also are you going to learn Arabic ? It would help you a lot. One more thing, please email me a copy of your study when you are done I'd love to read about it . Good luck Sarah!

*If you have an outstanding young Libyan woman in mind you can help by nominating her for a Tibra Award , I wrote about it before , but there is no harm in reminding people especially that nominations for 2007 are due soon. So go click here . Deadline 1st February. I also hope they make banners.

"The Achievement Award and Tibra Scholarship honor accomplished young women graduating from high school. The Scholarship includes $1,000 to be used in furthering the recipient's education."

*If you like like writing essays and have big dreams try your hand at this contest . Deadline 31st January.


Well I've moved to the new Blogger but not really by choice , so apologies in advance to anyone having difficulties in the comment section. It should clear itself up soon I assume. It seems that this new Blogger has decided on its own to make a lot of comments as anonymous weird and you cannot go back ( Blogger if you are reading this please HELP) , dear readers any tips are welcome.

Also thank you all for having been patient with me while I was away and for STILL reading or at least clicking to check if I has posted anything :P .

For those who asked , yes I was travelling and yes I did go to London as well, BUT I won't speak a lot about these trips today maybe another time . Sorry Craig no photos.

Dhafer, thanks for taking care of my space.

Now I have to catch up on a lot of stuff , have not much read the news lately.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back Kinda

I'm back ! Just as I decided I had rested from my month long adventures, the now world famous Highlander cat got ill. It is currently on antibiotics and vitamin injection. The bleeding has stopped but it's lowered immunity means it has a cold as well now .... We went to the veterinaty yesterday , but the prognosis looks good - so hopefully all will be well soon ! Oh and Adib , merci encore :)

Dear readers ( those who are still left ) , blogging wil resume ..

Friday, January 05, 2007


Dear ALL,

I will be away most of this month, so please forgive me if I blog/comment erratically as my internet access will be limited. However, Dhafer is here and he will release your comments when I'm not available.

Meanwhile there are many posts to keep you busy and you could email me too if you wish.