Saturday, September 22, 2012

Making History: Libyans against extremism

When I said in my last post yesterday that " Libyans have always defied the norms and the statistics and the analysis "   little did I know that I would proven right so fast :) .

While the Americans are thinking about deploying drones and submarines or even the marines to monitor or attack the suspected extremists in Libya, it took the Libyan youth a couple of hours to send the extremist packing !

We are always innovators :P  and so we are on record as the first country to storm an extremist brigade. I will stop using the word 'Islamist' as Islam and Muslim have nothing to do with this and will qualify them with the word 'extremist'. Islamist, fundamentalist , salafist etc... all have a certain way of life and they can live any way they want like the different minority communities  in the world such as the Amish  they are not necessarily violent.

Thousands demonstrate against militias violence and disorder. [source]

In wave after wave the people of Benghazi overtook the militias and handed the headquarters on  silver platter to the government forces.

Unfortunately some of them died doing so. RIP !

World please watch Libya and stop putting us in the same bag with others. I think the message is clear that Libyans want to build a nation and have no interest in Al Qaeda. No one fights like a Libyan.

Than you Benghazi and thank you to all those who courageously protested all over Libya no matter what their number was. It took a lot of courage knowing that you could be a target of the extremists. Hopefully their myth of invincibility has now been busted.

Our motto has always humbly been : we win or we die !

Friday, September 21, 2012

Honoring the fallen Americans in Libya

The Sorry Project is "A project showing that the vast majority of the Libyan people Oppose the crimes and violent actions committed against the US consulate and to express Libyans heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims.Please post to our wall and share the page."

 Please check the various posts and links !

 See this slide show showing some of the protests in Libya against what happened to the US staff. and check the message of support on the message board.

 Libya held a memorial ceremony for Chris and his slain colleagues.

The above are some of the ways Libyans have paid tribute. 

What this attack has exposed is the precarious security situation we live in as a post-conflict country. On the surface all looks well as we learned to live with it and adjust just as many other states have we are on the brink of a failed state but Libyans have always defied the norms and the statistics and the analysis and so once again I hope we can pull this off. The majority of us want a prosperous, safe and secure life with guaranteed freedom, even for pro-Gaddafi and if other Muslims want to live in a certain way they should not be imposing it by force on the rest of the country they can have their own community yet live within the law.

“Withdrawal of all authorities granted to any armed militia; Calling on GNC to issue law criminalizing armed militias; Evacuation of all public buildings and governmental institutions from armed militias; Activation the role of the army and police, and provide them with all the support needed.”

For non-Libyans GNC is the General National Congress - a proto - parliament we elected in July 2012.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RIP to American martyrs in Libya

In Libya we are today mourning and in shock over the deaths of the US Ambassador and a number of his staff during the terrorist attack on the consulate in Benghazi. Libya has declared three days of mourning and there will be vigils in a number of cities. This is a sad day for Libya, we did not stop the criminals when they destroyed our mosques and shrines  and infringed on our basic human rights and this had emboldened them to try and take over Libya by force after loosing the election in July. Late ambassador  Chris and his staff are honourary Libyans and will be forever in our heart. I will be going to the US embassy to deliver my flower and pay my respects and enough is enough we have to put the outlaws on trial.