Friday, April 27, 2012

Libya's new Political Parties Law and the High Court Bombing in Benghazi

Libya enacted this week the law regulating political parties in the country. We have been waiting for this law for so long since Gaddaffi banned political parties in the 70s.

I haven't read the text of the law yet but according to the news  parties with a regional, Islamist or tribal agenda could be the big losers if this law is upheld.

"Libya has banned parties that have a religious, tribal or regional platform. Parties are also banned from receiving any foreign funding."

When I read this piece of news a couple of days ago ( 24 April) I was actually skeptic that the NTC would approve such 'harsh' measures In fact I was a incredulous and waiting for the 'reply' to this 'slap' and I wake up today to these news :

"The High Court in Benghazi was bombed in the early hours of the morning, Friday. Seven other explosions were reported across the city shortly afterwards." [source]

Although the article postulates that the  "bombings are seen as connected with the abortive attempt by unknown gunmen to storm Benghazi’s central prison nine hours earlier" , I believe that there might be some sort of   link to this law whereby federalists and Islamist parties would rightfully feel cheated.

Though I don't support either tendencies I would still not marginalize them but rather  allow them a democratic platform to voice their demands in the new Libya and let the 'best' one win. Either we Libyans vote wisely and get on with our life or we learn from our mistakes.  

Now if I want to play Murphy's law and take this even further I would say the law was announced like this on purpose to increase popularity for the regional, tribal and religious parties because of the outcry they would make or to gather sympathy for them. That would really be a plot worthy of Machiavelli :) 

But we Libyans have learned from Grand Master Gaddaffi himself in terms of twisted thinking and even Highlander is not immune to this !

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Libya: on the precipice of a civil war?

A number of Libyan cities and regions have been angry and disappointed by the  NTC and the interim government and also by their compatriots from other regions, first some of them called for federalism as I mentioned in my previous post and now one is  threatening secession .

" [If the NTC]  comes and discusses and negotiate with us  we might reach some agreement and if they say no then we will try to close our borders and defend our revolution then we will create a separate state in this region"

The video is not a translation as the interview was made in English, but I may have misunderstood the statement as the interviewee is not a native English speaker ? also it's a one minute clip so no idea what was said before or after so cannot judge but the statement sounded pretty strong and I cannot judge what is the percentage of the population that backs it up.

One down more to go ?wondering if the fight for Libya is already lost and if the Gaddafi curse is proving correct after all?

Is it a surprise? no

No further comments at the moment from my side, need to reflect more on this.

Thoughts are welcome of course