Friday, February 20, 2009

Movie reviews

The bootleg industry is great to watch those movies that you would miss in cinemas. In Libya a DVD is about 3 Dinars for a superb copy just as good as what you would get at any Virgin store. While for 1 Dinar I can get the CD and still be able to enjoy the show.

Between September 2007 and January 2009 I bought many movies here the list of the ones I watched so far and what think about them. This would probably serve me as an aide memoire not to buy the same movie again ( I tend to do that with books as well)....

The films are not in any particular order: the scale is from 1-5 stars, ( 5 being the highest)

Ironman: 5 stars
Mirrors ( Kiefer Sutherland): 3 stars
The love guru: 4 stars
Baby Mama : 5 stars
Anthony Warrior of God ( foreign movie): 2 stars
Body of lies: 5 stars
Arn (foreign movie) : 3 stars
Flags of our fathers: 4 stars
What happens in Vegas: 4 stars
Mamma Mia: 5 stars
The secret life of bees: 5 stars
Live free or die hard: 5 stars Bruce always delivers.
The dark knight: 5 stars- although I did not think that the Joker was overshadowing Batman as some reviews stated.
PS I love you : 5 stars very good to watch with chocies and a cup of tea
Tropic Thunder: 3 stars I failed to see the humour - but the twist is OK
Death Race: 2 stars - the trailer was the nicest thing about it
The notebook: 5 stars another classic romance
In the valley of Elah: 5 stars- It's good to know about the hidden things
Burn after reading: 1 star - I cant' believe Brad and Clooney would star in such a miserable thing.
Nights in Rodanthe: 5 stars - marvellous but I wish it ended differently
Wanted ( Angelina Jolie): 3 stars - more hype then when you see the real stuff
Zodiac: 4 stars not bad
The Day the Earth stood still ( Keanu Reeves): 5 stars - good topic on environment etc..
Frost/Nixon: 5 stars
Xiii the conspiracy : 2 stars - some idea but not sure what it was all about
Casino Royale: 5 stars, I did not like the first half hour but then I understood the story.
Quantum of Solace: 5 stars - Daniel Craig is so gorgeous once more. I will be watching Bond movies again
Masjoon Transit ( Egyptian) : 5 stars - that was a good idea
Wa7ed min al nass ( Egyptian) : 5 stars - another good issue tackled
Hassan wa Marcus (Egyptian): 5 stars- excellen portrayal
Kasf hesab ( Egyptian): 5 stars - quite enjoyed it
Cabaret ( Egyptian): 5 stars - the story lasts all night long up to the next day and shows the different facets of the people in a cabaret, the owner the prostitute, the singer the guests, the Gulfies and even the wannabe terrorist. Good finale
The House bunny: 5 stars a feel good movie
Twilight: 5 stars - I never stopped loving vampires and this one gorgeous
Original sin ( Banderas- Jolie) : 4 stars and quite racy definetely over 18- good concept
Miss conception : 5 stars a cute story about a girl who discovers she has early menaupose.
American Psycho: 3 stars - too gory- I still can't understand why?
Ocean's 13: 4 stars
Breach: 5 stars
Babel: I gave it 2 stars first then I watched it again and gave it 5.
Jarhead: 5 stars
Deja vu: 3 stars even though Denzel is so hot
The Marine: 1 star - the only good thing about this movie is the title
The forgotten: 5 stars
the sentinel 5 stars
the departed: 5 stars
300: 5 stars
Tristan and Isolde: 5 stars
The number 23: 5 stars but I was so scared
Caramel ( Lebanese): 5 stars stuff that happens in a beauty center in Beirut and the lives that cross each other there. I liked the
Mr Brooks: 5 stars
Home of the Brave: 5 stars
The Good Sheperd: 5 stars and my super favourite
WallE: 5 stars - I was reluctant to watch this kiddie movie but now I'm a fan.
No country for old men : 1 star - I hated it
21: 5 stars
Gone baby gone: 3 stars
1000 BC: 5 stars overall.

I still have a huge list to be watched but at least I'm finally catching up.

Which movies did you like and why ?