Friday, June 29, 2007

Of blogging, non-blogging and other matters

Dear All,

I admit I've been extremely irregular in my updates. I've missed my own monthly round up of the Libyan blogosphere, the best comment and the top 3 readers for more than two months now. I'm not bored with blogging I'm just very tired because I have a lot going on for me in family and at work and that's keeping me superbusy.

I miss the blogs and my friends and readers, I miss the interaction but not the fights :P I will ask you to be a little bit more patiend with me and I hope to be in full form again. I'm not ill nor depressed nor in trouble :) . I just have so much to do in my career that blogging has slipped down on the priority list. It is now or never to build a strong base to go forward then I can rest a bit on my laurels LOL.

I do hope you won't abandon me because I still have many stories in my pocket for you.

In the meantime I would like to say that I have been so engrossed in work and other issues that I totally missed the news about the hurricane coming to Oman . I'm relieved to see blogger Lebeeya is well. May God bless all those who died in the ensuing floods. this is so scary because most Arab countries are not equipped for even a simply winter heavy rain. Look at Tripoli in winter we drawn.

Another important news is the car accident that Trabilsia's son was involved in. Salamtu Tarek ! I am so glad he is out of danger now ! I hope Lebeeya and Trabilsia would forgive me and don't think I was being callous I was not around that's all - sometimes in areas with no internet connection. However, today I can breath easier hamdillah... God is always so merciful in whatever he decides ..

On the other hand it is heartwarming to see the Libyan bloggers doing so well I can disappear in peace and discreetly and the blogosphere will be fine ( mission accomplished LOL - I'm so arrogant). Basically no one noticed my lack of blogging he he he...

Libyan bloggers have been having lots of fun with challenging each other to show their feet and footwear and their desktops ( hattip Safia- but please follow all her links if you are curious). Anyway here is my desktop and my footwear which was a challenge launched a year ago ....This was Safia's older contribution :P - Sorry Saf the newer Libyan bloggers have not seen this gem he he he . These posts reminded me of some happier times on my blog.. many of those readers, commenters and bloggers are no longer around .....You are all missed dearly.

Some fans are worried that other blogs have become more famous, I'm not worried because fame is not my aim - I'm very happy with the way things are :)

Well I'm back, so bear with me .