Saturday, October 01, 2005

Post number three today- Desktop challenge

Last month , Khadijateri ingeniously invented her own meme, well bravo Khadija as she kept wondering what bloggers desktop looked like ;) he he he talk about being curious K ? well the people she tagged have all answered, here have a look at their desktops ( one , two, three ).

On the other hand, Redenclave's innovation was to tag a reader! - a fan of Libyan blogs , Programmer Craig .

Well my camera is finally back Khadija , so I can take up that challenge. Also P-Craig was kind enough to agree to Redenclave suggestions and mine to send either of us his desktop photo too ( now all we have to do is convince him to blog ;) ) ... so yay double treat for you mish hikki?

Programmer- Craig's desktop (so much nicer than my space ....see below)

Highlander's desktop

Okay I wish to tag you guys ..please quench my curiousity ..thanks in advance: Smokey , Tyeness , Sandmonkey, Ritzy , Nadz , AlanK , Twosret and Big Pharaoh. Also any reader that wants to show us his/her desktop please post or email them to me and I promise to post them here ok ?


AlanK said...


answered your quiz, but had to improvise slightly on picture but should be ok

that was a lot of posts no writer block at all

khadijateri said...

Your desktop is neat as a pin! I think I need to clean my space up a bit as I've got an overwhelming accumulation of books, cds, and assorted junk piled up. There'll be an avalanch soon if I'm not carefull.

Highlander said...

Alank cheated , we don't want to know what is the make of your PC or laptop ;) we want to know how your workspace area looks no sorry that link you put up does not count try again ;))))

Khadijateri ..thanks my dear.