Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Libyan Canadian blogger

Nura's blog is proving to be a treasure throve of bloggers :) here is Aisha a Canadian blogger of Libyan origin who has just established her own blog Aisha's musings ...she thinks she has nothing to say , but I'm sure you have tons of questions to ask her ... Aisha welcome and hope you enjoy it; this new dimension of virtual reality ... we are a fun lot: The Libyans....

On another note since there are so many Libyan bloggers it may be time to think of making some kind of aggregator - or whatever that is called - but I'm technically hopeless so if someone can give me some hints out there it would be appreciated . Though I won't be able to work on that till the end of the month.


Haitham Sabbah said...


I'm pleased to hear that you like to make an aggregator for Libyan bloggers. In fact this will be appreciated and very much welcomed in the blogsphere.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Haitham Sabbah. You can find more about me on my blog here:

I'm also the editor of Middle East and North Africa on Global Voices Online which you can find here:

Anyway, I guess if you want a fast non technical way to create an aggregator, you can run to and create a publicly open aggregator. You can find an example of GVO aggregator here:
However, if you have a server, I can give you some advices on creating a better aggregator, but I guess you don't want technical stuff.

Please keep in touch and let me know when you create the aggregator, and don't hesitate to contact me for further discussion.

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Highlander said...

Hi Haitham, Thanks for dropping by I 'm one of the silent visitors to your blog ;). These hints are useful, going to think about it as well. My head is full of ideas but no action ... will check bloglines etc..

Nura said...

Adorable as always Highlander..! Hanu already thought of the idea of a Libyan blog.. inshallah we'll make it happen soon!

Anonymous said...

there is also another Libyan-Canadian blogger! I think the website for that is It has only one post but looks like the next postings will be intresting! Check it out!