Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ramadanyat... the humour continues

...some cartoons about Ramadan effects from the local media.....
(thank you N. )

cats partying in expectation of lots of leftover food ....

Libyan family comparing Ramadan and the football World Cup.... ( anyone wanting to volunteer a clarification or translation is welcome).


removedalready said...

I don't read care to explain!

Hey I've got a task for you to do on my blog!! So, do me a favor & attemp on doing it!

Anonymous said...

the man is so tired of ramadan and fasting he wishes it was like the soccer world cup:

only once every four years and plays at only one country in the world.

Happy Ramadan Highlander & everyone


Highlander said...

Redenclave , thanks for the tag, I promise my next post will be your meme :)

DM : thanks for translating and for your good wishes.

Tarek said...

nice ones, seems that ramadan is the same in all arab nations