Saturday, October 15, 2005

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Libya calls for an international investigation into the death of Yasser Arafat...and I say why not if so many suspicions are held, many people would like to know the truth once and for all, just like Hariri's death is being investigated.
My theory: it's an inside job he has been poisoned by either the Abu Mazen gang or another hopeful...

On another note with regards to the devastating earthquake in Pakistan I'm pleased to see that Libya is sending relief :

'A plane carrying 40 tones of food from the Libyan people arrived in Islamabad airport Tuesday morning.
Sources at the General Peoples Committee for Foreign Liaison and International Cooperation told Jana reporter that this air bridge will continue, as tomorrow Wednesday, another cargo plane will transport tents and blankets. ' Here is the link scroll to Tuesday 11th October JANA NEWS (I'm not sure the link stays live for long though).

This is all great news as the desperate families in Pakistan need a lot of things, however I'm wondering if they will get a hundred million dollars from us like the victims of Katrina?

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Oh and by the way ...MaGdee from The Rossetta Stone is back from his honeymoon dare I say we missed you;) or will that get you in trouble?


removedalready said...

I believe yasser Arafat has been poisoned as well, rumors were he was being poisoned through the meals given to him and by Israeli intelligence @ arabs working for the zionist. Don't know how far that's true. It can be done by an of arafat's matter their religion or etnicities!

MG said...

There are many theories regarding Arafat's death including the Israeli one that he had AIDS... So I do believe that an investigation should occur and it's a brave call from the Libyan side since other Arab governments are just happy that he's dead... you know "Kalb we matt" the same motto was used after both Nasser and Sadat deaths, no real investigation happened! The successors don't really care or maybe because they are involved somehow... who knows?

Btw, my honeymoon was over just one week before Ramadan... And no Highlander, saying "you missed me" won't get me into trouble, simply because my wife (I gotta get used on saying that lol) don't really care to read blogs including mine (and thank God for that)... :)

Highlander said...

Redenclave, yes all these rumours are so strange I agree. Only an investigation might show the truth.

Highlander said...

MG, It is weird isn't it that they don't make that much effort for Sadat, Nasser and Arafat, yet Hariri, within less than 24hrs people were screaming fil gharb inu it was Syria. That's what makes sometimes wonder why the double standards.
There is always a purpose somewhere, bas lazim ikun 3andena bu3d nazar ;)

MG said...

You see, it all comes down to where the interest remains... people like Nasser, Arafat are considered you know a pain in the... also Sadat, he was too much of an independent character to be beloved, even if he was inclined towards el gharb (btw i'm very pro-sadat)... when they saw that his successor was capable to be tamed, they believed that it's not necessary to make a big deal out of it. Meanwhile, in the case of Hariri, they were waiting for such an opporunity to hang Syria... so they will give it all their best. So, this how it works, we are shaped like clay in their hands!

programmer craig said...

Well, I'm not able to find a link about Nasser that claims he died of anything but natural causes, so I can't really comment on that...

Sadat - I wasn't aware there was contention about who assassinated Sadat? I confess I'm not a follower of EGyptian conspiracy theories, but I know how to use google and found what I think is a pretty good article here:

Sadat's life but not his death

What's the area of contention re:Sadat? That the investigation did not root out all the conspirators? That wouldn't surprise me at all, in Egypt.

Arafat, now, I don't think he belongs in the same category with Hariri. Many MANY people viewed Arafat as a villain, a thug, a terrorist, etc. He had many enemies, and outside of the middle east, I don't think many people were sorry to see him go.

Also, I think you guys are missing one other major difference with Hariri. He was assassinated (apparrently) by a foreign government, which changes everything. That's not a domestic issue, it's an international incident.

Mitchell said...

I thought he probably just had a stroke when Bush was reelected. But that doesn't explain the preceding illness.

Anonymous said...

Highlander if you are a housewife then you must be bored to death.
If you are not married, then may I strongly recommend that you pick an
Illiterate farmer for your mate. Because only such a person would be impressed
By your political thinking and selection of heroes my friend...;-)

Of all the personalities in the world, you did not find anyone to spend your valuable
Time on except for this idiot Yaser Arafat. My God I could not think of a better
Looser. A failed politician and freedom fighter than that "Mickey Mouse Guerilla Fighter".

The guy led his people for more than 30 years in a steadily down hell path to the
Most desperate and defeated situation.

If he was worth anything Israel would have killed him a long time ago like the other serious men. As we say here in Libya "If the Owl is of any good, the hunters would not have left it alone".

Like Nasser, and recently Syria's interior minister, he is simply a dirty cat's pawn in the hands of the Israeli manipulators. Once he lost utility he was dumped in the dust pin.

I believe that president Sadat was a great man that was eliminated by the bloody Isarelis like Mr. Hariri.


Highlander said...

DM, thanks for your 'illuminating' comment. As I recall Arafat survived several assassination attempts no ? please see links here:

"the great survivor – eventually survived a dozen assassination attempts, many by Israel"
and finally this one..I love google search :)
"Car and plane crashes, bomb and bullet - he escaped them all"

we were not discussing his merits as a hero or not DM , the post was about fairness in death investigations.

So you think he died a natural death? or are you just happy to see him go ;) and so don't care how he died ? While Hariri is a hero ? if you've been to Lebanon you would know how Hariri was viewed and how that country has become because of him ( he was not an angel DM) and if I wished to go along with your theory that he was assassinated by Israel then it is not because he was a 'great man' only, but perhaps to get as many birds with one stone as possible ;) as the adage says...

On the other hand :

"If you are not married, then may I strongly recommend that you pick an Illiterate farmer for your mate"

This comment section is not about being personal , it is about constructive critisism and dialogue, and whilst I may choose to ignore ironic attacks and snide remarks on myself, with this statement you have actually insulted our farmers DM , who may not be as illiterate as you think. Do you assume farmers are illeterate because of being farmers ? is that a demeaning position in society to be a farmer ? I thought that they provided us with food and meat etc..
I would call that discrimination.

Highlander said...

P-Craig, Hariri was most probably assassinated on the instigation of a foreign government apparently as you say . History only will reveal who that govenment was :)

programmer craig said...

I don't know much about Hariri. I haven't followed Lebanese politics at all since sometime in the 80s, maybe I'll pay more attention now, if things seem to be getting better (for real) there. That said, I doubt he was an angel :)

Where are the saints in government? Who has a truly good leader? Chiraq? unemployed Shroeder? Blair? Bush? Putin? Berlusconi? Koizumi?

Those are all supposed to be the "good guys" but I can't honestly claim any one of them is somebody worthy of being glorified. Some of them are complete bastards.

Anonymous said...


But you would not tolerate or suggest that anyone of these "bastards" be blown to pieces the way Mr. Hariri was by the mentally retarded Syrians my friend.

Even stupid bastard poilticians have the right to life and to complete their terms in peace. As all the ones you mentioned came to office by democratic means unlike our bastards who come on tanks supported by foreign powers and sit on thrones built by the skulls of thousands of political prisoners in their mass graves.

I can't wait to see the Iraqi bastard hanging on the ropes. Sorry Highlander for your other great arab nationalist president Saddam Husein. I sure hope that cute baby Assad is also next in line.


So you think that our farmers are "intellectuals" huh. That is not any more illuminating than thinking that Yaser Arafat is another General Giab or General Eisenhauer.....;-) You need to grow up politically my dear friend.

I think that Arafat's only achievement in life, beside klinging to his "presedential" powers from day one to day 99, is his marriage to that Block Buster Suha Arafat. Even though I doubt that the idiot even managed to give her a single orgasm.......;-)

What a fool mr arafat was and what a pity for us to waste so much time talking about him.


Nura said...

Highlander, love your blog.. thanks for keeping us updated on news - particularly Libyan related stuff that we don't come across every day! As for these investigations on the deaths of political figures - there will never be any closure. Always question marks and conspiracy theories..