Saturday, October 01, 2005

The second post for today ...

...a meme ( again ? they are everywhere)

Sandmonkey tagged me for this one ...and I have not been lazy but have my reasons ( see here) . So since I have a few stolen moments ..I will take care of all the stuff that I have postponed lately.

10 years ago- I had just finished an important chapter of my life and look forward to the next one with hope and anticipation.

5 years ago- I turned the page of another cornerstone in my life which would set the pace for the next decade's all about choices I guess as dear SM would say ..Iwas grateful for the opportunity to learn a wonderful lesson and that it all went well .

1 year ago- Again exactly this time last year , I was at another crossroad , saying "yes" and the future could have a different taste.... saying "no" and I could regret and live with the bitterness of "it could have been" ... therefore after much careful thought I agreed ... 3 is the magic word , it already happened twice before ..therefore it had to be ..there was no way I could refuse this time. I'm glad I did not ...I have grown so much and learned even more at the great school of life I feel I'm ready for the next step.

Yesterday- Actually I slept for the most part ... I think I deserve some rest after all that's been going on.

5 snacks I enjoy- Plain yoghurt to which I love adding honey, Ferrero Rocher , M& M's , Maltesers , and for the ultimate sensation? Nutella spread on homemade bread washed down with a glass of full fat milk ...

5 songs I know all the words to- Al7elm al-3arabi الحلم العربي ( the Arab Dream - a 'we are the world style song' see link here for explanation and lyrics) , Still got the blues ( by Gary Moore), Hello ( by Lionel Richie, Soldier of fortune ( by Deep Purple), Nothing else matters (by Metallica).

5 things I would do with $100 million dollars- (1)Take care of any financial needs of my family. (2)Invest part of the money for the future. (3)Sponsor ten orphans until they graduate from university, because making children happy especially orphans is one of the basic tenets of Islam and apart from the joy that you bring them you hope to accumulate brownie points with God and these will stand you good on the day of judgment and have ten people praying on my grave and remembering me would be awesome. (4) buy a house in each of these places: Beirut, London, and Cannes. (5)Get my own 2000 acres 7waza or farm in Libya complete with satellite system, sheep , camels, swimming pool , 4 wheel drive van , settle in the community and help the young minds there and perhaps write my book in peace without having to worry about the finances.

5 places I would run away to- (1)There is one where I know I will always be welcome maybe someday I will tell you about it. (2)The Omayyad mosque in Damascus, (3)the Holy Qur'an ( I guess you can run to God it would be the safest place right?), (4) my parents houses, (5) a loving heart.

5 things I would never wear- black lipstick, plastic accessories , plastic earrings , faux bijoux and nylon socks...yiiiiiiiiikes

5 favorite tv shows- Lost, Buffy the vampire slayer, Dark Angel, Sex and the City, all Ramadan shows on Arabic TV.

5 biggest joys- (1) Sharing thoughts with parents, (2)Talking for hours with friends -on the phone, in a cafe or wherever (3) curling up with a good book and snacks, (4) reading my email, (5) Travelling.

5 favorite toys- My cell phones, my PDA, my laptop, my digital camera, and my car.

5 people to tag ...hmm ok Khadija, Redenclave, Tyeness , Tareq and last but not least Smokey ( if you can muster the time;) )..good luck !

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