Sunday, October 18, 2009

The IRA case: hypocrisy and compensations

Last month I wrote about the curse of blood money that seems to follow Libya.

I said that the Americans are resting in peace with regards to compensations on this particular case as they have received it already. It's only the British who feel cheated.....
The irony is that the US government/politicians etc... are always prompt to point injustice and help those who have no pulpit to raise their voice from, but what we don't always realise is that this happens only until they get what they want. Once that is secured they could not care less. US victims are always more precious :)

But to be honest why not? This does not surprise me it is basic looking out for yourself, why would any gov worry about other chattel ? other people's responsibility.

I don't mind as long as people don't portray themselves something they are not. I hate hypocrisy and I see a big red herring in terms of hypocrisy with the US stance towards victims.

Such as this bit:

" Asked whether she would support parity of treatment for victims of terrorist attacks, such as the Lockerbie bombing, Mrs Clinton diplomatically avoided answering the question directly.

Mrs Clinton said that she "grieved for all victims", saying that she has met many, but added: "I do not have an opinion about the question that you asked specifically."

Last year, during his visit to Belfast, former US President George W Bush was urged to back the victims' case against Libya but failed to do so." [source]

On another note, looks like that blood money to the Brits will soon be coughed up :P

" A delegation of MPs has been invited to Libya to discuss possible compensation for the families of IRA victims." [source].

Yep that is a firm step two!

PS I have the flu, could it be swine flu ? it is progressing real fast !