Saturday, October 01, 2005

Post number 4 : Libyan bloggers and Libyan fans

Lately I can hardly keep up with Libyan blogs ..which is good ...2005 is a bumper crop year .

So another (hattip Programmer_Craig for pointing me to her on Tareq's blog ) Libyan female blogger from Switzerland and soon to be in Canada..if you ever wondered about banking issues go ask her..she says she's a banker in her profile..for the moment all we know about Nura is that she holds a fierce respect and love for her parents that in my book is 100% okay .. welcome Nura and let's hear more noises from your head.

Barnita or Paula is from India and she looks on her past life in Libya with fondness.....I have always noticed the fascination any foreigner who lived in Libya would have with the country...Even when you leave..Libya always stays in your heart ! Oh and her boyfriend is pinup material go check her blog:) .

This is exciting.

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Nura said...

Highlander!!! Thank you for your welcome, I just came across your profile today after I saw your comment on mine. Funny how you described me although hold off on your banking questions everyone - I have decided to forgo that industry as a means of holding on to my SANITY (whatever is left of it)!! How interesting it is to see that there are "Libyan Bloggers" here, feels like there's an entire community. I just wrote a little something about Libya, would love to get your feedback... Take care!