Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I owe you an explanation

I always keep my promises so it is unlike me to just ride off into the sunset like this, and I could see that some readers are threatening to sue ( wink at NBA ). I'm not trying to act primadonnish ( is that actually a word ? ) . But I love you all for being so faithfull and for caring and therefore I will tell you what happened. When I was typing that post , the bell rang and lo and behold who is it ? my cousins - the two girls are university students and came over so that I could help them revise for their final exams- of course ruining all my plans , but hey that's life. Plus it's so nice to see them pass.

But that is not the whole story nope , yours truly is a softie at heart, I cannot resist a stray cat or any stray animal for that matter , let alone my own pet. Well anyway the house cat went missing since noon a few days ago and I could not find her in the usual hiding places. So I organised a neighbourhood search which comprised of guess who? my poor mother (yes I was dragging her with me ) and a friend who was visiting , no body else was interested apparently. Actually the neighbours think I'm a little soft in the head for stopping to save hedgehogs and birds - never mind .. where was I ? ah well we shouted and looked in a 2 km square area for 6 hrs while I was dragging my medium sized aluminium ladder around ( in case we need to climb a palm tree or something). Thank God we found the little one sheepishly perched on the wall of a villa which resembled ours, she was scared to death and looked like she could not hear me . I tried to entice her with fish that a generous neighbour feeling sorry for me looking like a scarecrow with trainers a Libyan shibshib ( that's toe sandal for you) and an old T-shirt gave me , but the cat turned her head in disgust. So I had to make use of that ladder, which of course came short about 30 centimeters from the wall and I had to actually climb ! something I have not done since highschool. Resulting in a scratched and injured hand and a pulled shoulder muscle - I'm disgusted by myself I tell you. Okay I did climb up and got the bugger down never know I still had it in me. But really I should be more fit !

We fed her cuddled her etc.. but it seems she has some kind of lesion in her eye. I tried washing it with normal saline. Then proceded to bug my veterinary friends. Who all said I should give her some antibiotic eyedrops as well. The first one said Chloramphenicol 4 times a day, the second advised Gentamycin instead. Well I went and got Chloramphenicol . Now I know why God did not allow me to have my wish and become a doctor. I am so bad when it comes to animals I'm a nervous wreck of fear...how is she, does she hurt , will her third eye close? does she have fever etc...So imagine how it is if it were a child ?

I did not feel at ease especially after I bought the Chloramphenicol and used it and mum warned me that if something happens to the cat it will be my fault for wanting to treat her.
So I freaked out and tried to think whom I could pester from my vet acquaintances, and then I an outlandish idea came to mind , who else but a blogger ? I phoned Adib in tunis and explained my problem. He scared even more when he was shocked at how come we are still selling Chloramphenicol in the pharmacies in Liby a - it has been discontinued everywhere else. I guess in Libya we have other things to think about, will check it out. So for now she will be taking Gentamycin and maybe Dexamethasone . A big thank you Adib for listening to my hysterical complaints and for the great advice :) !
Her eye still hurts poor baby , and she does not improve I don't know what to do .... except give antibiotic orally.

The other thing is that the small birds outdside have hatched and are learning to fly so now I have to take each one and put it back safely and check that I don't squash them when I drive my car out of the garden.. or that the cat does not eat them. All I want is the cat to get better now... I am going nuts here and my shoulder still hurts ...

That promised post is coming up but I wanted to explain to you guys first what happened :)


Anonymous said...

Explanation accepted, you can forget about the law suit... so far ;-).


KhadijaTeri said...

One cat is not enough! I have three adorable kittens - do you want one?

programmer craig said...

So sorry about your cat, Highlander! Isn't it strange how much people grieve over their pets? They really are like part of the familiy. That's one lucky cat to have you for a "mommy" though :)

I can imagine you walking around with a ladder ovber your shoulder looking for her... you must have been very relieved when you found her.

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

Where do U stay at Highlander? Just a question. Do u stay in highlandrus, Girgarish? it would be very intresting 2 run into u and see u climbing trees looking for a cat.lol. I cant see any fellow libyans taking the time to look for an animal. my little brother lost his cat in libya, and people told him that their was nothing u can do about it and they didnt want to be bothered. Anyhow just checking in i am bored out of my mind, and I am tired. Have a good one Highlander.

Twosret said...

You are allowed to love your cat as much as you want as long as you don't let her call me aunti Twosret.

I'm no cat auntie ok?! LOL

removedalready said...

Libyan blogger:
Trees? Humm, can't seem to remember any! Unless it's fig trees. I can't seem to picture any trees by the roadside at and around hai andalus, Just rows of villas... maybe Highlander could help us recall!

you've got such a kind heart. I'm sure you will be well loved!

Highlander said...

NBA :) how generous of you , so now I always have a threat hanging over me ....

Trabilsia : Thank you but if I bring one more cat my father will disown me ;)

Programmer Craig : yes those pets twist me round their paws so to speak ..I cannot resist them. As for the ladder, glad no one thought I was a prospective and called the police :)

Libyanwarrior, I live outside the city, my aera is mud. soil and palm trees with the typical Libyan houses buil haphazardly lol.why are you bored and tired ? sorry for your bro.

Twosret lol auntie Twosret , I'll remember to tell the cat not to call you 'auntie' when you meet he he he.

Red enclave, you're right there are that many trees in Gargaresh. Hay alandalus, but where I live we still have trees, as I told LW , me not a city girl ;)
Thank you for the compliment, I'm don't strive to be well loved , loving is enough the rest is up to God Inshallah !

UPDATE on the cat her eye is still not receovered ...

Desert Rose said...

What cat dearest???? !!! I guess you got me confused with Khadija lol!!!
Anyway I'm glad you're back !

Unknown said...

thanks lonely;)

c'etait un plaisir de te conseiller;) t'es vraiment adorable!

oui je suis surpris que le chloramphenicol est encore disponible sur le marché lybien alors qu'il est interdit en europe et entunisie depuis au moins une diziane d'année!

d'apres des études tres serieuses il parait que l'usage prolongé de chloramphenicol peu engendrer une maladie tres grave la sclerose en plaque!
j'espere que les authorités lybiennes prendront les mesures adequates pour interdire ce medicament!

Highlander said...

Merci Adib , je suis surprise aussi que le Chloramphenicol est toujours utilise chez nous .. il faudrait recherher ce qui se passe hmmm