Monday, June 12, 2006

Thank you for your kindness

It is in times of emotional need that we can separate those who care about us and those who could not care less.

The pitched tent has been folded back and the last guests have left my granfather's house, the only people left are close relatives.
Though she had heart disease my grandmothers death was unexpected .. not this way and not now :( , but I guess we have to learn that the only certainty and expected in this life is physical death. Her soul and memory will live forever in our heart.

This fortnight has been hard on a few other bloggers. I believe we need to go and convey our condolences to Hibo on the passing away of her beloved father who died quite young. Her eulogy is touching to say the least , and to Khadijateri on that of Khalti Turkiya the dowager of her husband's family it seems . This week seems to be the anniversary of Leilouta's mum's passing away too . So I will read a collective Fati7a on their blessed soul.

I'm overwhelmed by how many of you wrote emails or posted here. You are too numerous to be counted and therefore I'm hereby thanking you all from the bottom of my heart.


khadijateri said...

Thanks dear - you are so kind.

Leilouta said...

y3ayshik ye 3zayza :)

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

Dude Highlander I am so Sorry for ur loss, i am sorry i could not comment sooner.God thats horrible, Inshallah ur grandmother is in heaven. My deepest and most sincere condolences. Stay strong and Keep the faith. This is a trial, i wish u all the strenght in the world.

Trabilsia said...

Thanks Highlander.

Anonymous said...


On our journey through time
For a while we visit this earth
We laugh, cherish and dance

Suddenly we may leave
And disappear into the wind
Like grains of Sahara sand

My deepest regards

Highlander said...

Khadija, Leilouta Trabilsia, Libyan warrior and Adam, you are welcome.

Adam, that is a beautiful poem ...did you write it ? Thank you for sharing.

Mohamed said...

Sorry to hear about your grand mother highlander, no one can replace them, my deepest condolence.

Anonymous said...

Yes Hi!

Yes I just wrote it. The closing line fell into my head as soon as I read about your dear grandmother. The other lines took a little longer time to find...

Twosret said...


La shokr 3alla have shown us all kindness and respect and InshAllah dih Akher El A7zan.

lovelytripoli said...

slam all;
thanks Highlander for sharing with me this Pain.
You Know..Many steps compete with the time and the souls set out by her way.
i am sorry to be far when i am so near in Tripoli.


Highlander said...

Thanks Adam , Mohamed, Twosret and Hibo.