Saturday, June 03, 2006

Libyan bloggers meet up: it's on -update

Ok enough of dilly dallying ! So we gotta take the plunge and as we said here before world cup fever :) . So Thursday 8th of June in the afternoon is my proposal. Gives you all enough time to have read this post and prepare yourself . I think 6.30 or 7.00 PM is good but if you want it to start earlier it's fine too.

In summary :

Date: 8th June
Time: 6.30 PM
Venue: Ben-Ashur street - the new huge
cafeteria before the Rokn al-sharki : Ewan or Ewan Alqadisiya ( thanks A.Adam).

If the guys arrive first they could reserve the tables - I'm sure it will be fun and interesting to talk to you all. By the way since we don't know each other just put a cardboard with the word School on it ( not bloggers lol). This way we will know where to sit. Oh and this is your last chance to change the date if some cannot make it on Thursday, but you have to let us know by Tuesday tops !!
Please confirm RSVP here - we need it for the table and chairs - it would look weird if we don't have enough chairs :)

UPDATE: can you email me with suggestions of how to recognize each other ;) like carrying a rose or wearing a pink top of something ? since it's gonna be a Libyan lady bloggers meet up :)


LadyCroc said...

Good luck at the meeting - wish Í could be there with you guys!

Anyway, why not behave as TRUE bloggers and meet online thru MSN Messenger or something the like? This way we ALL could meet cyberface to cyberface?

Akram said...

Thursday 8th of june at 18h30 or 19h00

the place called E-wan or Iwan Al qadisia

have a good time guys and I'm sorry because I'm not gonna be with you

KhadijaTeri said...

I don't think I will be able to make it on Thursday.... will have to check my schedule and see....

Desert Rose said...

I can't make this week I'm afraid I have other (previous )arrangements but can hopefully come the following week !

Anonymous said...

My schedule looks like it might be clear for Thursday evening - had a reshuffle :) - so far Highlander it looks like it might be just the two of us.

Highlander said...

That's absolutely great Khadijateri would love to meet you :) ...let's email to arrange it .

Have the others chickened out lol ;) the blogosphere is quiet all of a sudden ....

Safia , thanks maybe we could do your idea next time .

A.Adam thanks for the tip- sorry you can't make it.

Trabilsia I would love to meet you , maybe next time I guess :)

Desert Rose said...

Dearest Highlander
So today is the last day to RSVP.Last minute change of programmes! We are living in Libya after all and anything is possible !So I'll be there INSHAALAH .

غازي القبلاوي Ghazi Gheblawi said...

So, I am stuck here in London not able to be with you, but please keep us informed about the meeting, I would like to write about it, I have a plan to write about the Libyan blogosphere, and its impact. hope the best for you all. Ghazi

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

WHats Up Highlander!!!!!

Hows your Summmer? Good Inshallah. Anyhow just checking in. i am totally bored.

Twosret said...

I wish I lived in Libya and could see all the bloggers. Have fun guys (not too much fun)

Molestine said...

Ciao Highlander, unfortunately I cannot this time. I have to bring the child to the theather.... Really hope we will have another chance in July / September. Meantime enjoy the meeting and Khadija, she is super.

KhadijaTeri said...

We'll just have to all meet another time. We'll work something out.

Hiba said...

Hell all,
i love the idea so,and Ewain not so far from my home, but i cant` go this days or this months becoues losing my father.
and i cant leave mom home alone.
i need times to get out of this pain stuoion.
hope in the futuer we can meet ,and know each others face to face.
i am sorry to not` connect you guys in your blogger,i just was busy with my flickr album..
and after that got busy with my family pain..
i am sorry again to be far when i am so near in Tripoli.