Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Holistic medicine

A little pampering can never hurt you and can go a long way to improve your mood. Following the family ordeal in Amman, in addition to the stress of being in hospital at the same time as Abu Mazen ( aka Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian authority) who was there for a heart check at the Jordan Hospital. You should have seen the high security that day ! I decided to register for a one week facial beauty treatment at this wonderful place recommended by a friend when we went to Syria.

After all the laissez faire attitude regaining one’s joy in life is a pleasure. I enjoyed the daily sessions of deep cleansing , scrubbing , coloured masks etc.. ( OK guys don’t leave just yet it’s not girlie stuff .. be patient).

So while I was enjoying the feeling of a princess or star ;) I got to talk with the other customers, the health supervisors and the doctors . It was a lovely experience to just make pleasant conversation, no deadlines, no sickness, no responsibility.

But then I noticed that one of the doctors was not only taking care of the beauty of the face, he was dispensing advising about health and weight issues and sometimes private matters too. I noticed that the people hung on his words and that he did not seem like a cheat as his customers came back. He was doing Chakra, aura reading , magnetic field, macrobiotic food, acupuncture and all sorts of new wave holistic approaches. Seeing that some people were returning pleased with their results, the skeptic in me saw a challenge and wanted to check if he could he really deliver .

So I asked him for a diagnostic assessment. Usually I saw him spending at least 30 minutes with each patient He only spent about 10 minutes with me, I was expecting thingly feelings or any sign of supernatural powers, but non came forth.

This is the list of my ‘problems’ - according to him

1-I’m heading for high cholesterol
2-I’ m heading for a stomach hernia soon
3-I’m heading for gallstones
4-I need some more vitamins
5-My ovaries have a problem
6-and check this my libido is flat

Ok thanks Doc for the hints according to this I should head for the scrapyard and all that in 10 minutes !!!!!From 1-5 I could go have them checked I guess, but excuse me you know nothing of my libido ;) and maybe it is the total opposite ;-) . I was a bit offended as I fancied myself this sexy little thing . But then when I asked him how come my session was short he replied because I have a very well protected aura which is shielding me from his curiousity and he could not penetrate it to get detailed info. LOL so his diagnosis was all hearsay , what a relief . I have a feeling at the back of my mind that he wanted to flirt and found me too serious for his tast .....

I still let him talk me into installing some energy field metallic disks in different points of my body , a total of 8 . So I had to bear the astonished looks at the airport through the metal detector . I had to tell them I had a pace maker, too embarassed to say I was trying Ying and Yang :).

To give credit to the guy though my face was full of light a week later and though I’m used to men trying to flirt or follow me with the car or make a pass or ask for a date, but I was not used to seing ‘white’ British men kerb crawl behind me on Oxford street in Porshes and Mercedeses and Jaguars and actually say ‘hi baby’ …I thought that behaviour was reserved for Libyans ;) or maybe these were some druglords ? So it fell weird really and no my outfit has nothing to do with it : jeans , boots and a leather jacket are not exactly catwak paraphernalia .


programmer craig said...

Heh... I used to go for Chinese treatments with my ex, who is born and raised in China and really TOTALLY believes in that stuff.

It was so weird, but fun. At the clinic we went to, they had stations, and you just moved from station to station for various treatments. The treatments were recommended individually by the specialist. For instance Foot Massage (PAINFUL!) at one station, spinal adjustment at another, accupressure on your face & head at a third, etc. I always left feeling better, but it may have just been pyschological. Whatever it was, I miss that.

One odd thing though. The specialist (who was actually an MD) once told me that my blood pressure was too low for a man of my age, and that it probably meant I had a problem with my heart. Seemed like an odd thing for him to say, without knowing my family history. Low Blood pressure runs in my family, and we don't have a history of heart disease. Kinda bothered me that he was so comfortable dropping a bombshell like that on me without further investigation. Other than that, I guess I have a pretty high opinion of the various holistic treatments. Even if it's only pyschological, what harm does it do?

NBA said...

Highlander, perhaps the guys following you in London also had metal detectors ;-)?

Ah, very weird, now the word verification things starts with 'bbc' exactly when I'm writing about London! This is a conspiracy!


Highlander said...

Hi Programmer_Craig, this clinic sounds like a load of fun to me ( but ahem maybe not the pain) I would not mind the spinal adjustment station ;)

I have low blood pressure too since I was a teenager and used to take some drops for it called Effortil for a while then I stopped them as I thought there was no need to mess with nature and I my BP would probably rise when I get older , so let me enjoy it while I can. Hear disease is rampant in my family :(

But yes what that MD told you amounts to a bombshell, look at all the diseases the guy told me lol and he's not even an MD just a beautician ...

Usually I believe in this stuff but the person has to be convincing as well , not 10 minutes .....

Highlander said...

NBA , he he he I did not think about the metal detectors you're right . Wow guess I was luck not to be busted at the London underground they could have thought I had guns or something :)

Those word verification thingys are weird , once I had to type in 'jooozzss' ..what does that mean ?

Leilouta said...

hmmmmm...I think I am going to ask my husband for a spa trip for my birthday gift. Yes, yes my birthday has passed and I wasn't sure what I wanted yet, so I postponed his generosity for this weekend or whenever I feel like shopping.
I just love husband used to massage me regularly . He doesn't anymore, he says it is a lot of work wah, wah, wah,...Because last night was my birthday he volunteered and gave me a massage. I was so happy, but so tired at the same time. I fell asleep after the first few minutes.This morning he said," I can't believe you fell asleep last night while I massaged you. It was a good long massage.".
I don't believe him.I am sure he stopped as soon as he noticed that I fell asleep :)

Highlander said...

Leilouta habibti :) you say my husband used to massage me regularly . He doesn't anymore, he says it is a lot of work wah, wah, wahu

Maybe the guy is trying to give you a hint that you should massage him too :?

I'm glad you had a good time :)

programmer craig said...

Hi Leilouta,

I don't believe him.I am sure he stopped as soon as he noticed that I fell asleep :)

Of course he did! He wouldn't want to risk waking you up from a nice nap :D