Saturday, May 27, 2006

Back to Tripoli

Folks I'm back home at last, hopefully I'll get to relax for a few months this time. Britain was , but we had too much rain and it seems that their spring and summer time were getting contradictory commands to the extend that hay fever season merged into on big one. It was hilarious seeing in the shops the offers on medicine " buy one get one free" :) . I never knew I had hay fever too but it took me a few days to get acquainted with it. I'll post little bit later some more things I managed to do in England this time. By I gotta go and thing about this blogger meet up , I know some of you already met in real life , but I have not met any of the Libyan bloggers yet. Cheers - as our friends the British say.


AlanK said...

welcome back highlander, did you get any good photos as well

Trabilsia said...

Welcome home highlander! Hope to meet you soon.

khadijateri said...

glad to see you're back in town.

Miryam ALEtawish Navarro said...

Welcome back to the world's loveliest city (tied with Valletta Malta *grin*).

To answer your question how I cane across your blog....Well, Baby Ameenah is still not here in reality but should be in 2 weeks, inshaAllah!! - so I was googling 'Libyan Birth Traditions' and google gave me your blog!!!! I didn't get many results on the www - but my inlaws sent me a beautiful Akeeka packet, and MIL sent some henna for my feet saying it is a Libyan tradition, and has promised to recite Surah Yaseen for me during delivery, inshaAllah. Of course I've been having 'hilba' for a long time too!

Why don't I get a blog....welllllllllll, I've just started maternity leave, and this being away from my work is a bit depressing - I reallyyy miss my friends, daily trips into the city center where all the shops and all the cafes and all the people are, so I'll leave the blog for when I'm a proud Mama, inshaAllah, and then really enjoy posting boasts of Ameenah!

What area of Tripoli are you people from? My husband's family live in the Khatba al Khadraa, and we're building our own little house in Jamaa al Gassi area.

A.Adam said...

Welcome back ;)

Highlander said...

Thank you all :)

AlanK yes got some photos idea if they are good though ;)

Trabilsia hope to meet you soon as well .

Khadija and A.Adam , yes it's good to be back , I love this country :)

Myriam , this is so funny you googled Libyan birth and got to my blog ? wow . But I'm happy that your family is providing you with all the Libyan traditional items. I will add you to my prayers too inshallah.