Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In solidarity with Alaa and the 47 others

Reader Frenchman on Sandmonkey's post about Arab unity caught my eye , he said something which highlights the situation brilliantly: ( but please read the whole comment).

"it is very easy for you and I to sit in our ” comfortable chair(s) in the
USA ” and suggest that the only way for change is action, I empathise
greatly with the Arab youth who want change but face very real consquences
for active action.[...]The days of the likes of Mandela and Ghandi might be
gone, because while unhapiness with the status quo in many area of the
Middle East are prevalent, many [..]are living decent lives. It
is very hard to give what they have up.[sic]"

I don't read blogs for a few days and look what happens? a real and a virtual war is being fought before our very own eyes. I don't think any of us is shocked at the arrest of Alaa and the other demonstrators in Egypt. However, until I saw it for myself ( on the blogs) I simply believed that Alaa and Manal led a charmed life and nothing would befall them. Guess I was wrong. Although I rarely read their blog and aggregator ( not a reflection on its worthiness really - just personal taste), I must admit that I am shocked and saddened by these news, to say the least because you feel you kind of knew them personally.

If you wish to participitate in the campaign set up for them please check Sandmonkeys blog here too, he has all the links and the updates because he is nearer to the action and knows what he is talking about.

To get back to Frenchman's comments which were intended for another post ( as already mentioned) , I allowed myself to quote what I believe is a poignant tribute to Arab bloggers solidarity.

"we respect Arabs and empathize with the difficulties they face, especially when
their minds are open but must pretend to a degree that they are not in order to
walk through their daily lifes in the Middle East without consequences."

So in addtition to the civil action adopted as outlined by SM, I hope that our prayers for safe return will help too.