Sunday, May 14, 2006

Readers turning bloggers and a good cause

I'm always pleased when anyone of my readers and friends takes the plunge and becomes a blogger. The latest one to do so is another of my favourite readers, non other then the immensely persuasive Maya ( yep ladies and gentlemen).

Maya's corner that's her space, so I wish to welcome her as a blogger friend from Bulgaria . Maya is passionate about many thing. Among the new causes she is involved in is that Belarussian dissident Michail Vashekevich who has been refused asylum in Bulgaria and according to her is in grave danger. So go check out his story ( especially my readers from Europe) and see if you can help her in any way. Good luck Maya !

Now if only we can persuade, NBA, Programmer_Craig and Twosret to have their blog.....


Maya M said...

Thank you very much, Highlander!
As a matter of fact, last Friday I had begun to write to you about this subject, but some dark mood of despair made me navigate away from your page without finishing and posting my comment. Now I know I was wrong.

NBA said...

Thanks a lot, Highlander, for the confidence. Well, I actually have no blogging plans (that's why I'm non-blogging ;-)) for various reasons. I believe the main reason is that I'm very self-critical (which you might not believe knowing the occcasional rubbish I've written for example in your blog) and couldn't bear reading my rants afterwards. Well, of course they remain online as parts of other people's blogs but anyway...

And it's always nicer to comment on what otghers have written than try to find something intelligent to write myself.

Maya's blog seems interesting! I have to save that as well under my favourites like I did with Soraya as well.


Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

Bloging Rocks. Its the only thing I do as of late. I use to hate the computer, but know I can't get off of it. I spend at least 7 hours a day it is sooo adictive. The time goes by soooo fast. But I think i have a problem, it seems every time i have a paper to write for school I open up Word, and before i can type a word, I am on a blog. I used to get all my school work done way before it was due I know find myself, barely able to get things in on time. I typed a paper in 1 hour before it was due a couple weeks ago, and even with all the stress to get it done I had one of my windows opened to a blog!

NBA:) Dude you really should get a blog, because one mans rubbish is another man's gold. I wrote a post the other day about a plan to re-populate the kremlin, your rubish cant be any worse than my rubish.

Highlander said...

You are welcome Maya,never hesitate to write to me even if I don't reply fast ok .

NBA you rants are always welcome !

Libyanwarrior pls don't disappoint me - pls keep studying hard.

programmer craig said...

No way will I ever be a blogger, it's much easier to be a commenter :)

I saw on the news ticker that Bush seems to have made statement highly critical of Lukashenko today. In fact, more than a statemnt, a new policy towards Belarus apparrently. A travel ban... which is odd, since even Iranian government officials are not banned from travelling to the US!

Belarus Officials Are Barred From U.S., Bush Says