Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lunch with an Iraqi blogger

A couple of days ago I contacted my good friend Iraqispirit to catch up on his news. We decided to meet for lunch and a chit chat. Over a plate of typically British jacket potatoes we unravelled all the news since we met last time. I was pleased to see that after a hiatus of almost one year he has tentatively gotten back to blogging. Iraqispirit let's get back to the old days.. I never knew the British had tortured the Germans and other prisoner after WWII, though my first impression is still to think the worst about jailers in general.


LouLou said...


Jailers are just people. Some are good, some are bad. Just like everyone else. If you give one human being as much power over another human being as a jailer gets over inmates, & you don't supervise the situation or impose enough restrictions then no one should be surprised if abuses occur. It's silly to assume all your jailers are angels to start with. And even if they are you know what they say. Power corrupts & absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Highlander said...

Hi Loulou I agree with you , but sometimes one dreams that these people would be more responsible *sigh*.

programmer craig said...

When you give somebody that much power over another human being, the only thing that holds them in check is negative consequences for misconduct. No negative consequences, and you'll get a lot of misconduct. I bet if somebody did a scientific study they could draw a direct correlation between tolerance for abusive behavior and the amount of abusive behavior that occurs.