Friday, June 16, 2006

Blogging will resume

The installment should be hot and controversial just the way you like it I guess ... it will be on this afternoon , currently typing it and thanks for patiently waiting for me.


programmer craig said...

Type faster :P

Just kidding, waiting patiently for the new post :)

Trabilsia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hale said...

Hi -

Just wanted to tell you that I am back Bloggin' again. All breaks have healed and I'm almost 100% again.

Deeply sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother. My grandfather, who I adored, died in 1942 and I still think about him frequently - at least once every week. He was my model of how I should be as a grandfather to my grandchildren. The last time I was with him, he was 89 and we spent the morning in a rowboat out on the Chesapeake Bay fishing, with him telling me stories about his time in the Civil War! Those memories are embedded deep in my heart and hopefully wll stay there til I die!!

So keep your memories of her clear and out in front - they keep you feeling good about her your whole life!

Bloggin' The Maghreb

Twosret said...

Ya Rab Ya mosahel we are waiting :)

Libyan Warrior( The King Of Al-Andalaus) said...

Yeppe!!!!!! i am sooooo happy. lets get the show movin. I am back and in full swing and I have some political bones to pick, with everyone from Al"I am a leftwing whore" to Ann "the cunt" Coulter. Ann Coulter is a evil human being, how can one sink so low as to say that the widows of 9/11 victims r rejoicing at their husbands death? And how can anyone be sooo Stupid to buy into Al Gores Global Warming movie. Yes the world will drown in 5 Oh god what a world we live in.

programmer craig said...

What are you doing, sleeping or something!? Wake up!! Time to blog :P

NBA said...

Craig, you know any good lawyers? I think with an American lawyer we might be able to sue Highlander for an unkept promise and retire with some extra $$$ ;-).


Trabilsia said...

Oh ,it's so good to hear you're better.
Can't wait for your next blog !

programmer craig said...

NBA, hurry! This is your chance :)

Why marry a Western not an Egyptian guy?

NBA said...

Craig, thanks for the link. I've got the perfect plan now on my mind. You arrange us the perfect greedy American lawyer so we can extract some money from Highlander because of her unkept promise. You'll get half the money the lawyer manages to extract because you arranged the lawyer and the idea was mine. From the on, I won't be merely a Westerner but a rich Westerner which doubles my chances with Arab girls (except for Highlander, I guess she'd block all our entries from her blog after the court case ;-)) because I can promise they can wear all the make-up and clothing Freedom for Egyptians writes their Egyptian men wouldn't in the long term. Plus I can pay for the make-up and clothing as well. Sounds great, yet not too realistic.

Highlander, don't you ever turn your back on your blog again or you'll come back only to find that the comments section is full of chauvinistic fantasies LOL.


Twosret said...


Please fix your site the pop ups are killing me woman. Get some computer geek to help you get rid of those I had enough pop ups.

Highlander said...

Programmer Craig , Hale (welcome back by the way) ,Twosret, Libyanwarrior, NBA and Trabilsia thanks a lot for being patient - read my latest post and find out what happened .

NBA we are trying to find a suitable Arab blogger for you at least tell us your age and profession .

Twosret, well guess what I bet you writing a post is like giving birth ..what do you think ? or am i exagerating ? ;)

Hale that is so lovely about your granddad God bless his soul.

Twosret I'm sorry about the popups i have no idea what to do - any suggestions out there ?

NBA said...

Shouldn't have joked about Highlander blocking me from her blog (read my comment above). I just had a new virus protection program installed in my computer and to what result? The idiot program first of all thinks I'm a child and tries to ban me from using the Internet after 8 p.m. (time to go to sleep if you're a kid, huh?). What's even better is that I just tried to access Maya's blog to check whether there's anything new there. Hahaha, seemingly so. The program doesn't allow me to access it because it claims there's adult entertainment content there. Huh. No amount of unblocking and delisting Maya helps... Hehehehehehe! Censorship in a supposedly free country hahahaha.

Maybe you others could tell me what on Earth Maya has on her site now LOL.


Twosret said...

I can't stop laughing the hottest hot dog in town is treated as a child and can't access internet after 8 pm hehheheeeeee

Twosret said...

giving birth huh! I don't wish anyone the labor pain (no wonder they call it labor) I remember giving birth to my first daughter I was gazing at the ceiling thinking, how can life be so unfair to me there are actually people out there having dinner in Florida, Paris, Japan or dancing on a waterfront somewhere LOL

I was given some serious medication so keep in mind that the above rant was like DIU :)

NBA said...

Twosret, I'm not only the hottest dog in town but the smartest as well. I already managed to unblock Maya and finally access it. And to what result? There's nothing controversial there except for expressions such as "blood and urine". Does this idiotic virus and vice protection thing think they are adult entertainment? Huh.

Also the program now seems to allow me access after 8 p.m. as well. No, no bedtime so far for NBA LOL.


Twosret said...

NBA you are the cutest thing. Anytime you come to the US I have to see you.

Highlander said...

Thank you all for keeping this thread such fun..
NBA I see has been experiencing the Highlander curse - beware ;)
Twosret, please don't scare me even more about child birth I'm already freak out !

NBA said...

Highlander, it's getting even worse now. Now this idiotic program blocked your blog. Had to unblock myself manually. I hate these programs/people who think they know what I should have access to and when!


Miryam A. N. said...

Salaam wa rahmatullah, after an absence of many weeks.

Little Amnah arrived 16-06-06. MashaAllah aliha, she is even more delightful then we expected, although some nights..... ooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then we had a sad news. Ali's father died. the tents were put up, many sheep looked like everything was set for a wedding, but this was a sad occasion, bidding salaams to a dear dear old man.

i'll be working on own blog now...while Little Lady is sleeping.

Highlander said...

Salam Myriam, it is so nice of you to update us. I did not see your reply immediately as this was an older post.

First of all please accept my condolence on the passing away of Ali's father. Allah Yirhamu .

Second congratulations on a safe birth !
Then I'm sure sweet Amnah will help him in his grief and your support as well. My grandmother died on 6-6-2006 as you've seen also.

Please give us a link to your blog when you are done my dear and welcome back !