Saturday, January 27, 2007

Top 3 Highlander fans- January 2007

January is almost over, and although I have not blogged much, I still have some hardcore fans to which I'm grateful for reading my ramblings.

This month's top 3 are ...

( 1) Programmer_Craig => still in the lead since December 2006 .
(2) New commer Libyan NBA who is seriously competing for no. 1 spot.
( 3) NBA

Thanks guys, you're wonderful....


Libyan_NBA said...

"Thanks guys"

no, thank youuuuuuu.

programmer craig said...

Hmmmm.... stiff competition from the new guy!

Curt from Houston said...

Good to see your back H. Here's a link to some interesting goings on in the US. Let me know what you think.

Curt from Houston said...

"Good to see your back H."

Ha Ha! Sorry H, I didn't mean to say that I want to look at your back. Kinky
That should read; "Good to see you're back H."

Highlander said...

Libyan NBA :)
Programmer_Craig , yes he is stiff competition I agree :)

Curt lol@ my back ( it's not bad) Freudian slil :P ? will check your link thanks.