Friday, January 26, 2007


*If you have an outstanding young Libyan woman in mind you can help by nominating her for a Tibra Award , I wrote about it before , but there is no harm in reminding people especially that nominations for 2007 are due soon. So go click here . Deadline 1st February. I also hope they make banners.

"The Achievement Award and Tibra Scholarship honor accomplished young women graduating from high school. The Scholarship includes $1,000 to be used in furthering the recipient's education."

*If you like like writing essays and have big dreams try your hand at this contest . Deadline 31st January.


Libyan_NBA said...

If they would allow anonymous nominations then we would nominate you :).

Highlander said...

Thanks Libyan NBA, I don't deserve that honour, I'd rather someone who really needs that opportunity in life gets it. Libyan women rock !