Friday, January 26, 2007

Research Project

Sarah who blogs here , is working on a research project on 'Middle Eastern women and blogs' for her Master's degree. She sent me a few questions when I was ill . I agreed to answer as many as I could and I'm publishing them here maybe some of you want to take her survey too ?- readers/bloggers are tagged as well.

1) Why did you start writing a blog? Was there a specific moment, event, of friend that urged you to begin writing?

Here is why I started writing !
2) If you had to think about your blog as a certain type of space what kind would it be? Is it a private space (like a locked diary hidden under your bed), a domestic space (like your house), a public space (like school or church), or a city space (like a crowded street where you don't know too many people)? Or do you not think of it this way?

It is all of these.
3) Do you have a goal for your blog? What is it?

No goal, just keep on writing until the muse goes away.
4) We think of a dreams as a measurement of how imbedded you are in something. For instance, when you start to learn a foreign language well you begin to dream in that language. Do you ever dream that you are blogging or having a conversation with someone through chat or email?

5) What does your avatar or blog image say about you? Why did you choose it?

My avatar was painted for me by another blogger friend Nomad. It is her own vision of how she thinks I look and eerily enough she is quite accurate .
6) What opportunities does blogging give you that you would not have if you did not blog?

Instant publishing of my thoughts and reaching out to a wide audience all over the world . Plus I love talking ... this way more people to talk with and learn from .
7) What is satisfying to you about blogging?

I can put the issues I have on my heart out there, no need to keep big diaries.
8) Do you ever use blog, chat, or internet services to find someone to date or flirt with online?
Do you talk to the opposite sex more online or in person?

Not intentionally but yes you can end up flirting online at times ;)
9) If you knew that everyone in the world would read your blog today, what two sentences would you write?

Keep reading . Please don't forget to comment and write to me .
10) If you could change anything about your life or country what would it be?

My life - nothing . My country - I wish I could ride a bicycle to work.
11) Have you made any friends through your blog that you wouldn't have in everyday life.

Yes tons even from the wonderful Libyan blogosphere; and I would never have been able to meet many of them if it were not online because of the distance.
12) Do you talk to people who have a different religions or culture than you on your blog or online?

Of course , what kind of question is that?
13) If you consider yourself to be Muslim, what is the hardest and best part about being a Muslim woman?

It is always hard to be a woman, regardless of religion, because you always need to take care of everyone , and prove yourself doubly.
14) Would you mind telling me your gender and age? Any other features of yourself you would like to reveal.—occupation, marital status, country of residence?

Female , live in Libya.
15) Anything you would like to add or comment on? Any questions for me?

Yes when will you finish your thesis and do you intend to visit the Middle East ? Also are you going to learn Arabic ? It would help you a lot. One more thing, please email me a copy of your study when you are done I'd love to read about it . Good luck Sarah!


NOMAD said...

can she make her thesis with such ellusive answers :lol:

NOMAD said...

allusive, but I think it is more accurate to say elliptic :lol:

red said...

humm...hope it'll help her, i did try answering the questions in my blog. Welcome back, H

Highlander said...

Nomad :) you are too inlelligent for you own good !

Red , your answers are so much better than mine. You are really very passionat !