Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Best Comment for January 2007

Libyan NBA
The month is nearly over, you better have some new posts ready?
Thu Jan 25, 04:50:00 AM 2007

so cute ............:P


programmer craig said...

What!? He gets a "best comment" award for that? But, I've been working so hard... it's so unfair!!

Chris in MB said...

" better have some new posts ready"

hmmm, that really sounded more like a threat to me. :P

Libyan_NBA said...

Thank you Highlander for that, even though i don't think i deserve it ;)

Highlander said...

Craig come one be a sport you always get featured :P

Chris :)lol @ threat yes that 's why I was 'convinced' to start posting again ..

Libyan NBA, you're welcome, it really was the cutest post of the month and truely inspirational :P