Friday, February 02, 2007

Tripoli Capital of Islamic Culture 2007

ISESCO has chosen Tripoli among the capitals of Islamic Culture for 2007 . "The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization -ISESCO- was set up by virtue of Resolution No. 12/10-C of the Tenth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers, which was held in Fez, Kingdom of Morocco, in May 1979". [this website is good by the way] .

Congratulations to Tripoli, Fez, Dakar and Tashkent !

I am so lucky as last year I was able to visit Aleppo which was chosen as Capital of Islamic Culture for 2006 . I am also familiar with Dakar which I love dearly . I look forward to seeing Fez this year and one day Tashkent .

In Aleppo there was a lot of visible promotion of the city , I have not seen that yet in Tripoli. However, there is a website the English one is still partially built though but check it just in case; and there are many cultural events planned which can be found also in the pages of the طرابلس للاعلان and on the official website above mentioned .

Tripoli is a beautiful city and there are many historical places from Islam which are not properly showcased. Maybe lovelytripoli who has already made an initial post about the inauguration party of Tripoli as the Capital of Islamic Culture can help us here and show the Islamic art ? I missed that party as I was travelling, apparently it was fun. Did any of the Libyan bloggers go to the ship ?

Would any of you Libyan bloggers wish each to post some photos of the Islamic culture or a post about the Islamic heritage of Tripoli that you are aware of- or even Libya as a whole ? why be restricted to Tripoli only ?


AngloLibyan said...

thank you highlander for the websites and yes Tripoli is indeed a beautiful city.
I think A.Adam has been to the ship.
wishing Tripoli the best success inshAllah

piccolina said...

hey thanks for the news , i'm so happy and as you said we have lots of things , our country is so rich in all the ways , knowing it and feeling it is all what we need , but trust me it's coming soon , people here starting to know what they have and the starting to understand the old treasure we have , which is amazing , i'll search in my folders i'm sure i have lots of pictures ! just give me time
thanks again !!

A.Adam said...

Yes I did like Anglolibyan said and I wasn't happy at all. small ship,I couldn't find a place to put my foot in, about the Books nothing was interesting for me there,
but some one out there was very happy not like me

red said...

I'm sure you know by now that I am a Libyan fan. I need to see more pics of Tripoli ;-)
Pics are lacking in most of the Libyan blogs. Thanks to Hibo & her flickr album we Libyan lovers were able to walk down memory lane since it's particularly difficult to travel to Libya! I hope to see more pics uploaded soon. Cheers

Highlander said...

You are welcome AngloLibyan, I'm discovering more and more websites ...

Piccolina, yes I noticed too that people have started to realise Libya's potential and that we are not all about oil :)

A.Adam, thanks for sharing your experience so you reckon I did not miss much?

Red I'm sure more Libyans will be putting photos , and by now you know how lazy I am :)