Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Best of the Libyan Blogosphere -January 2007 ( Updated with Ashura )

I am happy to see how active the Libyan blogs have become, it's a whole rich wonderful community of various talents. Well, like every month you will now have to bear my personal pick of the the top posts- it was a difficult choice honestly.While I was away several new bloggers entered the scene and I've highlighted some of them below mixed in with the older bloggers.

Abughilan : "THE OLD, THE NEW AND A NAME IN HISTORY" , explore a little bit more of the rich Libyan history . "Durghut was born to a Moslem family in Anatolia, he was recruited at the age of twelve and trained to be a sailor and a gunner in Egypt and then Alger. He became excellent in both and for his bravery he was rewarded by his master then the famous Khair Eddin Barbarossa to become the commander of his own boat."

AngloLibyan : "This Really Happened!! " , debating the issue of school neglect " In this country, primary schools do not let any child out unless a parent or a guardian is there to take them home, what was the Headteacher of this school thinking??"

Ema : "They stole my laptop", Ema's brother forgot the laptop in a halway at the University , of course by the time he was back it had long since gone- مكانه سخون . "But we have hope that this person might return it tomorrow,see… we still have faith in people…"

Rose buds : "Kinedness" [sic], about over romanticising Libya .... "Being here and not arround my family and friends has made me forget a lot. Missing them, I would think of all the little small daily things that I miss. I forgot ALL about the biggest problem that we all have there. Gossip and joy at other's misfortune."

Keepsmile 5 : 'The husband store' , this is my favourite post on his blog , it is a joke but I really like it too much :) " A store that sells husbands has just opened in Tripoli, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates. You may visit the store ONLY ONCE !"

A.Adam : 'New resolution' , "our head boss just decided today to make new one, I would like to call it "Law of Coffee"; Says No coffee will be serving during 08:30 until 10:30, and 11:00 till the end of work." Hilarious decision he he he

Hamza : "Libyan guy thinking" , typical us :P it's a cartoon, so click on it here.

Lebeeya : " The Libyan bloggers part I & II " is the only one to get the hounour of TWO best posts for this month for her analysis of the Libyan blogs ( ps and yes you have my permission to write about me as well so come on we need part III . ) .

Piccolina : is showcasing Ghadames and her amazing trip there .

Maysoon : " Dentist ? says who ? " , check her adventures to restore that smile :) "Ok, that is it, no more dentists for me, I was in bed for 5 days!!!!! that was as a result of my trips to the dentist, I am a person who loves to EAT and ENJOY FOOD, which I dearly MISS right NOW!".

Misratia : " جزىء المشكلة وتغلب عليها ", she blogs in Arabic and that is fantastic ( hattip Libyan NBA). Libyan Arabic blogs should be more visible . We already have Ghazi and A.Adam writing in Arabic sometimes. "كثيراً ما يجري تذكيرنا بأن الهدف الواضح والخفي لأعدائنا يتمثل في شعار :"فرّق تسد ".

Update 28-1-07 Last week was the Muslim New Year [19-21 January depending on where you are gerograpically ] we are now in the year 1428 and today is the Ashura , I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone and especially the Libyan bloggers a Happy New Belated Hejiri New Year and a Happy Ashura .

Highlander links for Ashura

Highlander links for Hejiri New Year

Update 28-1-07 @ 8:00 PM

What I like about feasts is the spirit of generosity. So far the neighbours have sent us , freshly slaughtered lamb, boiled fava beans and chickpeans and a couscous bil bosla dish - all yummy and that is really so sweet of them to remember us like this .


A.Adam said...

Thanks for introducing new blogs and pretty posts to read.

TRiPLE M said...

Thank U

Lebeeya said...

AKHIRAN one of my posts get on this list! woo-hoo! all that worrying for nothing! (i'm talking about ME worrying abt not getting on your monthly list!!!) ;)

Thank you for introducing us to some of the new libyan bloggers! I love our wonderful little cute online community. I have so much love to every libyan blogger. Where have all you people been all my life? ;)

piccolina said...

WOOHOOO i'm on the list , thank GOD you know i get so nervous when i see the title saying there will be a list of the best posts !!!!! but alhamdulilah i'm being lucky MASHALLAH " i'm scared of the 7isid 3ain lol " kidding
thank you so much for picking my post ! honestly i can't wait to meet all of the bloggers !! inshallah soon

AngloLibyan said...

so good to get back to your wonderful posts and thank you

programmer craig said...

Food looks good, Highlander! Libyans seem very neighborly to me. Must be nice! I hardly even know most of my neighbors. The ones I know best are the ones who annoy me a lot! I've been planning on giving them a can of tear gas one of these days, on the proper occasion :P

I mean, really, is 4 AM a good time to be working on your car with a bunch of your drunken buddies? I don't think so.

re: Ashura, I guess that means that the "truce" the Mahdi Army declared will be over tomorrow?

Highlander said...

A.Adam ,Triple M , Anglo Libyan you are welcome :)and thank you too !

Lebeeya & Piccolina I want to put you all on the list but that would take me pages and pages :P - you're welcome :)

Programmer_Craig, yes thank God the neighbourly spirit is still present in Libya.
You are not serious about tear-gasing yours are you ? try sending them a dish or some chocolates and see what happens .. maybe you would get a pleasant surprise.

programmer craig said...

You are not serious about tear-gasing yours are you ?

Actually, I was thinking about setting up a webcam while I do it and uploading the video to YouTube! I hear YouTube is gonna start paying people for the best videos!

But I wouldn't go through with it. Just makes me feel better to plot against them :)

try sending them a dish or some chocolates and see what happens .. maybe you would get a pleasant surprise.

Hmmm... you're a lot more "Saintly" than I am, Highlander! You're right, though... I should try and resolve things instead of fuming.

Misratia said...

Hello everybody

Thank you Highlander for introducing me in your post

NOMAD said...

I hope one day you 'll do one of theses dishes for me :lol:

and PC, I would do the same :lol: or may-be ask Chris to send you a flak of skunk perfume, and leave some drops in their aeras, they will never guess what it is :lol:

Keepsmile5 said...

Thanks a lot for introducing us as new blogs, and thank you very much for you compliments...
Keepsmile and keep on touch

Gheriani said...

Thank you very much, and I really enjoyed and appreciated the tour.

Libyan_NBA said...

H. couldn't you wait until you at least took the photos before eating up all the homus ? :p

A.Adam said...

update, I expected new post like your update,
Happy Ashoura ;)

Highlander said...

@ Craig , yes finding solutions is better :)

@ Misratia, Keepsmile5 and Gheriani :) you are welcome , you deserve it !

Nomad :) join my mother in dreaming .....

Libyan NBA :P shhshhshsh no one noticed I ate the humous

A. Adam , LOL I thought a 2 in 1 post would be okay , to keep the exposure for the Libyan bloggers . Happy Ashura to you my dear !