Monday, January 30, 2006

New Years by the handful

Today is the 1st of Muharram 1427 in Libya , that is the first day of the month of Muharram in the Islamic ( lunar ) calendar. Happy New Year everyone. It will be the 1st of Muharram tomorrow in North America.

In the meantime the Chinese celebrated their New Year according to the Chinese calendar on January 29th this time, we are in year 4703 now. Happy New Year of the DOG everybody.

What is your chinese zodiac? and element? do you think that they are illustrative of our personality ?

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AlanK said...


interesting topic, strangely enough my own sign is that of the dog, will see if this year is lucky or not and sign was water, some of it was interesting to find out

so what is your sign highlander, you managed to keep that a secret

Hannibal said...

Happy New Year Highlander though in Tunisia the 1st Day of Muharram is January 31st :P Anyhow coming to the chinese zodiac I guess it is the cow:P

programmer craig said...

Happy New year! Is it a big celebration?

I'm year of the rabbit myself :o

AGRADA said...

كل عام وانتم بخير

Happy New Lunar Year.

I don't believe in zodiacs, they
are nothing but funny myths.

The things that annoy me when i hear it is the CHINESE YEAR !
what is this ? not even logical !
Dog, rat, cow, dragon, and monkey..etc, i think that they don't deserve to be mentioned in the blogger profiles.

It seems that china wants to establish it's culture outside the chinese borders as a parallel to it's economic growth..that annoys me too..." Who will stop this big chinese dragon ? and how ? ".

A.Adam said...

Happy new year High Lander
اللهم ما اجعلها سنة خير على كل الأحباب

Highlander said...

AlanK of course it is a secret , then you guys will know my age ;)

Happy New Year to you as well Hannibal :) and you too Programmer_Craig , to answer your question no it is not a big celebration in Libya at all, because we calculate the Islamic year from the death of Prophet Mohammad here ( unlike the rest of the Islamic world ;) ).

Agrada :) Wa enta kama kul 3am wan enta bekhair, you have some orginal ideas. Chinese astrology is very interesting by the way. As for China wanting to dominate the world, they might just do my friend simply because they are sooooooooo many of them . Plus they are very hardworking industrious and smart people, they persevere and usually get what they want. Wish we were like them ;)

Amin ya Adam , Amin . Thank you and Happy new year to you as well .