Saturday, January 14, 2006

Libyan blogs

Have been a bit lazy lately and delayed the introduction of some more Libyan blogs :).
Anyway they are doing pretty well without it ... still here we are everybody please welcome 7mada ( you've seen him commenting here) . He is so refreshing and lives in Britain.

The other blog Flying Birds has 3 members : A. , Serrag and Esra. Thanks Khadijateri for leading us to it.

That's all for today , if I get more news I will share them here.

H Out.


Thea said...

he he sorry... i don't know why I wrote Khadjia.... I was probably thinking about something else! ;) thanks for the hints.... i'd actually love to meet up.... you could e-mail me on as soon as you've figured out logistics! ;)

take care have a nice day and 'kull sena u inti tajjba'

7mada said...
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7mada said...

My initial post, contained too many typing errors, I feel tired :(
On a positive note:
:) Shookran for the introduction.
I must say that Highlander leads by example. I spent time surfing your blog, reading the majority, if not all of your recent topics. From travel to current affairs, you engage the reader in wanting to read on and staying focused on the topic. I hope I can match a fraction of this.

AGRADA said...

I think that Highlander is the best libyan blogger, i said " blogger " ,Highlander blogs in a constant rate with a variety of issues , she is not one of the "loosers " although most of the bloggers are loosers i guess.

I,m not a blogger at all, or i shall say " I DON'T HAVE TIME "

Go ahead highlander.

7mada said...

Thanks for the encouragement Agrada ;)
'Although most of the bloggers are loosers i guess.'

khadijateri said...

ehem . . . I definitely do not consider myself to be a looser!

programmer craig said...

Of course Highlander is the best, but that doesn't mean everyone else is a loser :D

Hannibal said...

Highlander, we are still waiting for you in Maghreblog, and we welcome all our brothers and sisters from libya :)

Highlander said...

Thea : thx I'll email you, my email is in the profile.

7mada: thank you for the positive encouragement. Judging from your participations on blogs and your own posts, you are going places my friend!

Agrada : thanks for thinking I'm a good blogger, but why do you think bloggers are 'loosers ?

Khadijateri: you are definetely not a looser

Craig : he he he I guess I can count on you, will you give me a reference letter ;) if I ever needed one?

Hannibal : Tell me how and I will join you there at Maghreblog

7mada said...

:) No problem Highlander.
I don’t whether to take your note optimistically or pessimistically.
'Going places.' Places of good or places of bad?
Possibly of bad due to my political mindset? Who knows ;)

But coming from a modest, optimistic fellow Libyan, ill take it optimistically :)

highlander said...

lol 7mada , take it easy man :) I meant that you will be succussful in life and undoubtly in highly exalted places.

A.Adam said...

Peace be upon you .
Thanks High lander for introduction . you are link to our blog too,
Agrada , I don't care if I was the best or looser , I was posting articles builtin board e-mail list, Now my blog and nothing like this so .
Welcome to my life " Flying birds "
Thanks High lander.

7mada said...
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7mada said...
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7mada said...
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