Monday, January 09, 2006

Yahoo messenger announcement

To all those who left me offline messages, I am not ignoring you my friends, I honestly could not read them as they get dropped when I loose internet connection. Somebody decided to repair something in my street and the nitwits have been working for the past 2 weeks ruining my telephone cables in the process!!! I don't know why should the vibrations of a buldozers cut the telephone tone ? ( any engineers out there with hints ?) . It makes for unhappy haphazard blogging and surfing.

So please bear with me, I wil reply to your emails, listen to your voice messages , and answer your questions . The only thing I cannot do is know what you wrote in the offline messenges, therefore if it was important please email it to me and I shall eventually see it, and if it was urgent then call me ( those who have my number).

Eid Adha Mabrouk everyone. Please let me not interrupt you from the discussions on the other posts.



Nightlegend said...

Don't worry...I haven't left you any messages...LOL

Happy Eid for you

7mada said...

Marhaban Highlander.
I have a quick question; can I enter Libya with a British Passport? As I have dual nationality but my British is still valid but my Libyan expired years back. The last time I visited Libya was way back in 1994, I haven’t visited the country since. Any risk of unnecessary interrogation and hours of questioning? As I have known many who have entered Libya with foreign passports after years of leaving the country and have experienced hours upon hours of unnecessary interrogation and personnel questions like why didn’t you come back etc? One man was detained for 2 weeks for not wanting to answer any personnel questions. His wife situated in the UK, rang the UK Home Office to sort things out. Would I expect any new procedures at the airport etc? Or would it be better to enter the country with ‘Ma3arfah’ at the airport?

Highlander said...

You too nightlegend LOL

7mada, thanks for my asking, please renew your Libyan passport the process is not long nowadays. Dual nationality has been allowed in Libya for at least the last 5 years but it is wiser to return the first time with a Libyan passport as the guys at the border are a bit slow to catch up on events sometimes, bahi ;)

7mada said...

Thank you very much for the advice Highlander. InshaAllah it will mean a trip to the Embassy, not my sort of place ;-). Hoping to visit Libya in summer of this year.

Shookran. Happy Eid.

adib said...

bonne et heureuse année 2006
mes voeux de bonheur et de félicité
aidek moubarek!

Highlander said...

Merci pour les voeux Adib, wa kul 3am wa enta bikhair