Friday, January 26, 2007


Well I've moved to the new Blogger but not really by choice , so apologies in advance to anyone having difficulties in the comment section. It should clear itself up soon I assume. It seems that this new Blogger has decided on its own to make a lot of comments as anonymous weird and you cannot go back ( Blogger if you are reading this please HELP) , dear readers any tips are welcome.

Also thank you all for having been patient with me while I was away and for STILL reading or at least clicking to check if I has posted anything :P .

For those who asked , yes I was travelling and yes I did go to London as well, BUT I won't speak a lot about these trips today maybe another time . Sorry Craig no photos.

Dhafer, thanks for taking care of my space.

Now I have to catch up on a lot of stuff , have not much read the news lately.


Libyan_NBA said...

Hey congratulation on the new blog, even though you don't like it :), but blogger is forcing it for security reasons and to centralize management.

I don't know what happened exactly with the comment ID's but maybe we posted while u were converting the blog? Anyway here is a good site with a lot of tips to help users of the new blogger :

Testing Blogger Beta

programmer craig said...

No photos!? Or, just none you will post for us? :P

Highlander said...

Thanks Libyan NBA , that's what happened probably. I still hate the new blogger.

Craig - no photos for the blog yet :) yes he he he

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Welcome back Highlander, hope you enjoyed you time in London and wasn't cought by the storm that struck us, Salamat.. Ghazi

Highlander said...

Thank you Ghazi, I did enjoy my time , but it was too short and I had too much to do - I need a vacation :) I was caught in the storm too !