Thursday, September 14, 2006

Libyan bloggers meet up : Yes or No ? ( updated)

Back in June our plans did not lift off, for several reasons, including world cup and vacations.

So I'm suggesting we try next week before Ramadan. Do you want to meet up ? if yes please say so in the comment section and vote on the most suitable date ASAP :
i.e. 19 - 20 or 21 September ( and send me an email so that we pool a data for the final arrangements in private ;) ).

The venue would be Ewan Alqadisiya in Ben Ashur
Time : 7.oo PM

I hope this time that everyone is back from their vacation, no more wedding parties etc... , I know that most of us ( including myself ) would probably chicken out ;)

Update 20-9-06

It's a NO .


A.Adam said...

that's just fews days before my birthday . ;)
Highlander I sent you a message before but I think you didn't recieve it, this time I will try to send another one,trying to bypasss your spamfilter.

Safia speaks said...

Ahhhh - wish I could come, but enjoy yourselves!

Highlander said...

Hi A.Adam I got your emails thanks and kolo tamam ya basha -I replied to you :)

Safia - thanks - I don't think it's gonna happen on the scale we imagined on account of Ramadan and back to school and another thing ;) - but Libyans may yet surprise me . He he he

A.Adam said...

I need to know the exact day Highlander.
I wish you can made it sooon

khadijateri said...

Just way too much on my plate this week....

Anonymous said...

I have something in my blog for you :D