Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cool blogger discoveries

As the 'mother of Libyan bloggers' or whatever NBA has labelled me, I have been a little lax of late in introducing new Libyan bloggers. Fortunately Khadijateri ( thank you so much ) has been keeping tabs and you will find a whole bunch of interesting Libyan/Libya related bloggers on her sidebar now.

Among those she has discovered over the last few months the following should match the various interests of the readers who come here. Plus they give you another perspective on Libya right ?

Big Damn Heroes : expats blogging from Libya- our scandals exposed ;)

My enchanting sereeb: single Libyan -British hottie- accomplished writer too

White African : ramblings of a Libyan girl brought up in Manchester

Maiuna : Young chick in Libya - for all those curious about Libyan girls in Libya; oh and being the sign of Virgo , her birthday may be coming up soon I guess - Happy Birthday in advance :)

Me Myseld and I : A Libyan young man living in Wales now and his adventures . This post made a strong impression on me Excerpts : "I have met (or rather seen) more Israelis in the last 29 days than i have in my entire life combined. There are alot of them travelling around central America.Im going to be honest with myself and with my blog and post exactly how i feel."

Mexiquia : American -Hispanic married to a Libyan guy and her thoughts about Libyans, and all her boys who play soccer :)

Libyan Violet: for the kinky side of Libyan society - all you wanted to know about relationships .

Meawhile I've discovered that our dear reader/poster Twosret who has not been around here for a while was busy building her own blog - sorry blogs !
Finally ya bint ya Twosret , it took Magdee, Sandmonkey , Hellme and I two years to convince her that she needs to have a blog ! you may disagree with her, you may love or hate her but you will never be bored - I can guarantee that . So a big welcome to my old ( he he he ) friend Twosret .

Chez Twosret : "Egyptian-Canadian-American, mother and wife, advocate for peace, for a better America, for the rights of Palestinians, and for an Egypt by and for Egyptians."

American Palestinian : "A small voice for peace with justice amidst the clatter of the war machine - Justice and only justice will bring enduring peace to the Holy Land and the Middle East - Palestine, Israel, and the rest of the world needs peace!"

OK Twos habibti that means you cannot hide anymore and you are eligible to be tagged - so I hereby officially invite you to do the following memes :
( 1) Your bag
(2) Your car
(3) Books
(4) Feet/Footwear or even shebsheb
(5) cell phone
(6) you can vote whether I should marry a Finnish farmer or an American one

That should keep you busy for a while .

* just wandering when is NBA going to start blogging- I can't wait for another two years ;)


Anonymous said...

"* just wandering when is NBA going to start blogging- I can't wait for another two years ;)"

He really wants to start his own blog, he really does. He just has not realized it yet! He will as soon as his brain and cortex have connected.

maiuna said...

yeah my birthday will be in 2 days, i'm turning 25 next Tuseday on the 12th of Sept!!!

Non-Blogging said...

He he he, the more pressure there is the tougher my resistance will be. Twosret gave up in two years, I'll last longer!

Besides, I simply can't because I'm officially non-blogging and it's too expensive to update my brand with a PR agency ;-)!

Highlander, thanks a lot for all the blogs you listed!

programmer craig said...

Happy Birrthday, Maiuna! 25 is a great age to be :)

Thanks for the blog links, Highlander. I noticed Soad has pictures but doesn't allow comments! And you're right, she is a hottie! We need comments though! And pictures of her feet! And her purse :D

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Happy B-DAY! Maiun. Wish u a Billion more.

Lots of new intresting bloggers. Yeppe

Twosret said...


Thanks for posting about my blogs, it is time consuming, but since I post comments anyway :) might as well start my own. I can't do more than one post a day or less, I don't know how you do it habibiti.

Sereeb said...

Dear Highlander,
Thank you very much for putting a link to my blog.

Single, eh! Maybe not for so long, lolo, lol.

hugs & kisses

Highlander said...

Adam :) lol @ NBA , we really miss him- maybe he will surprise us with a blog like Twosret did.

Maiuna you are welcome habibti xxx

NBA you are welcome just make sure to read them all in your spare time , especially ones by female bloggers he he he

Programmer_Craig :) you can email Soad I think she has link on her blog maybe you could convince her to show you her purse and her feet ;)

Twosret sweetie you are more than welcome ; as for posting I can do it now because I'm on vacation :)

Sereeb :) good to see you here- you are welcome too now if only you would open that comment section ! hmm so tell us about the news - not single anymore ;)