Saturday, September 30, 2006

Creative writing: male vs female II

Blogger and friend Adam was affected by my post here and decided to run his own experiment. Two other bloggers and yours truly accepted his challenge/invitation :) , and so there are currently two stories developping on his blog " Blue " and "The Day it all changed".

Now that the stories have advanced I'm curious to know what you guys are thinking. Could you predict the outcome ? Any criticism , hints, tips, analysis of female /male thinking. Is Mars and Venus (TM) really relevant?

You may also join the conversation with the rest of Adam's readers on the two stories here.

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Anonymous said...

Not only has my own blogging progressed rather slowly. My reading of Highlander's has (or had) collapsed completely. I had gotten used to using RSS readers (Bloglines 2 b specific) that has worked like a clockwork for months. Now I was under the false impression that HL had taken a prolonged Ramadan from blogging.

When I today tried another reader then I realised I had missed out on loads of stuff :(

It will be hard to catch up with all the 9-11 & Pope stuff now. I will prolly have to fast forward through it.

As for the question at hand in this post: it seems that both stories have stalled a little bit, it seems it is much easier to create a setting together than to actually progress within it, but we shall see.

I also think a contribution from the translingual Highlander is due over there...