Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Highlander car

My secret dream is to have a SUV fuel guzzling monster or other type of 4 wheel drive like you saw here , and not a Ferrari :)

A few months ago I found the perfect car , none other than the Toyota Highlander, lol my namesake yes .
Look at that beauty , it's seminal. Unfortunately it is beyond my means , and buying on credit/installments has not been available until very recently and only at selected agents. So I gathered my lifelong savings and finally bought this little trusthworthy Hyundai .
*( note instead of revealing my 'haram' tootsies I'm showing you my car - another form of transport ;) ).

Meanwhile I'll keep dreaming of the Highlander car.

What is your car & your dream car ? and would you like to show it to us too ?


Non-Blogging said...

note instead of revealing my 'haram' tootsies I'm showing you my car - another form of transport ;)

Highlander, you driving that vehicle would be very, very haram in Saudi Arabia ;-).

Leilouta said...

"What is your car & your dream car ? "

Oh my god! I don't care about cars at all. As long as I don't have flat tires and as long as it has an engine and runs I 'll take anything.

"and would you like to show it to us too ?"

Hell no!! Mine is a mess...too embarrassing, can't show it :)

Leilouta said...

Mabrook el karhba

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

1.Saudi Arabia lifted the ban, non-blogging, they also never said that driving was haram they said it went against "Saudi Arabias cultural Norms".

2. My dream I dont know Highlander thats a hard one, i would say a Jacked up Ford F-150, with a sticker reading "cowboys up" on the OMG thats the car I drive Yup mI am pretty Damn happy with My monster machine. its awsome for off roading. But in anycase, i would like the Ford F-150/ Harley Davidson truck. That baby is sweet. I wouldnt mind a chevy either, I stay away from import cars. Yeah their cheaper, but nothin beats a American Made Truck.

Non-Blogging said...

LW, as far as I know women still can't drive in Saudi Arabia, independent of what the official reasoning is (I think you're right about the cultural norms, thanks for the correction!).

Of course that country has far bigger problems, somehow this just gets very much attention from the outsider world.

AngloLibyan said...

Mabrook for the car, InshAllah you get your dream car soon.
mine is just a Ford Mondeo, a typical English made car, i like it.

A.Adam said...

congratulation for the new car, as for me I don't have a dream of any car just have any car in good condition that's all and I already have Mitsubishi Lancer 2003
hope your dream of Toyota Highlander come true one day.

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...
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Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Suadi arabia is the most unislamic state in the muslim world. Dont belive a god damn thing you here from them. they by no means follow orthodox Islam. Or any form of islam for that matter, they are very much a pre-islamic pagan Arab state. They are some of the most racist people u shall ever met. i was in physics class yesterday and the teacher clalled my name, after the class a Saudi came up to me and asked me where I got my name from, and told me that beofore the professor called my name on the roll he thought i was a
"White American Pig". I hate Saudi Arabia with a bloody passion, i will only go once to make hajj and after that I shall never go back. The government is run by illiterate women hating arab racists who wish to kill all muslims who are not of pure arab blood, and they would also like to brainwash the whole Muslim world with their backwards arab customs and pass it off as Islam. They work with the US and they are backed by the US, the work with israel, as far as i am concerned Iran has won my love support, and quite frankly my alligence as far as the whole middle east conflict is concerned. Yes i know iran has a agenda, but quite frankly I dont care. I hate them, and i hate everything they stand for, the are Mushrikin in my opinion, and they have abandoned the Islamic faith. i personally hope the libyan Government does not allow any of these fuckers to set up their buisness in our countrys these people symbolize everything that is wrong with the Middle East. I personally feel that anyone who supports saudi Arabia should be arrested and shot. Its really no diffrent then supporting Israel. Al-Quida is a puppet of the US and Saudi Arabia, and we all know it, the only thing they are good at is taking our Ligitament grievenses and perverting them. They are no hizboallah and they are no Hamas. they specialize in one thing and that is killing, killing and more killing. as far as I am concerned they are agents of America, they have no social welfare programs they have no compassion for their fellow Muslims, because quite frankly they are not muslims. the US is not fighting al-Quida they are in leguae with Al-Quida, the US is fighting and killing Muslims. al-Quida and The US are best of buds, Just like france and the GIA, are best of Buds. Yeah Suadi has problems alright.

programmer craig said...

as far as i am concerned Iran has won my love support, and quite frankly my alligence

And just yesterday, you said all the mullahs desrved to die! What a shocker that now you say you would give your life to protect them, LibyanWarrior.

Was I as full of shit as you, when I was your age? I don't remember it that way but it's possible I suppose :P

I drive a Honda Accord, Highlander.... kinda boring but my ex-wife got my car when we divorced, and I got hers. Not sure how that works exactly :O

Safia speaks said...

Well, I have no driving license - yet!

But if money wasn´t an issue I´d go for German cars.

I can´t make up my mind if I should get a Porsche Boxter or perhaps rather a Mercedes SL Roadster

Which should I choose????

Safia speaks said...

Ahhhh - as usual long links don´t work - you gotta look it up on Google yourself.

Remember: Mercedes SLK or Porsche Boxter???

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

And just yesterday, you said all the mullahs desrved to die! What a shocker that now you say you would give your life to protect them, LibyanWarrior.

I never said that the Mullahs should die. Stop putting words in my mouth pc. All i am trying to say is that from what I see the mullahs are more sincere about doing good and helping people then the Saudis, the Mullahs are more sincere about helping the Muslim Ummah and keeping it toghther then the Saudis, Israel and Suadi Arabia are in league toghther and their their my friend is disgusting. So yes i will supprot Iran because they seem to have a general spirit of Goodwill, and they are the only people standing up to take a leadership role in the Middle East. I know they want to Instill Shiism but they wont be succesful, at least not in Libya or North Africa anyway, please do not under estimate my peoples abilities, we kicked the persians asses when we where part of the Roman Empire when they got out of line and we will kick their farsi ass again if need it be. If worst comes to worse, My coastal territories and Mountain ranges will be safe, for the mere fact that no army has ever been able to defeat us on our home plain, they might take tripoli, but they wont take Zwara, Jebel Nefusa or Ghadames, Ghat and Awjilah. So all in all i am pretty much looking at things in this light. Because I personally feel nowadays that I have to look out for my own people. With weirdos like the FIS and the GIA running around, and Nations like The US going on a colonial rampage, if I Have to choice between a Iranian Enemy and a Western Enemy, and a Wahhabi Enemy, I choose the Iranian because they are Muslims and they have values and rules which they live by, unlike Wahhabis and The Secular bloodthirsty West.

programmer craig said...

Hmmm.... somebody is off his meds again! :P

LibyanWarrior yesterday:

Lol. Fuck them and their fatwas. Fuck the Mullahs and Fuck the Sheik. They are idols and if anyone follows their fatwas, they are a Polytheist. All of The Mullahs should be killed.

LibyanWarrior today:

I never said that the Mullahs should die. Stop putting words in my mouth pc

Some people have told me that you're just young and don't know any better, LibyanWarrior, but I was a young man once too and I don't remember having such chaotic thought processes that I completely contradicted myself from day to day, and didn't even recall doing so.

Personally, I don't think you are all that harmless. But I've been outvoted on Highlander's blog, so I'll let you slide :)

But don't expect me to let your insanity go unchallenged.

7mada said...
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7mada said...

Mabrouk 3la Seeyara.

The Audi Q7 all the way for me - German engineering combined with sleek design - are you tempted to change your mind?

But at times I think ahh what’s all the fuss about! It’s a car - gets you from A to B, is there a real justification in spending £25K upwards for a car? If you have surplus cash then yeah why not ;)

Anonymous said...

I like the X5 and would love to own one eventually.

Come to think about it, I like the BMW 3&5 series.... They are a class above the rest in my view...when it comes to bigger cars, the equivalent to the BMW 7 series...I would for the Mercedes S class, and any of their sport cars...they are nice...


removedalready said...

You go girl, I've wanted to post the same thing but didn't get the opportunity to do so! :P
So here's my ops
I am a 4wheeler or an SUV fan too. Nothing too large like your namesake, but something sporty & rugged. So it has always been a dream of mine to be on the wheels of TOYOTA RAV4.
What I'm driving at the moment is only 1/3 of the price of a RAV 4 but it's reliable & what's important, I look good & feel good in it!
That's what my car looks like, it looks exactly like mine!
It's actually a twin of Daihatsu, by the name of terios.

Adam said...
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Adam said...

Hi Hi!
Yeah I saw such a car the other day and smiled when it made me think of you. :)

Presently I do not have a car. My bike takes me all around the city, and when it does not, I can catch up with my reading on public transportation, hmmm at least in theory.

I am not a fan of large thirsty monsters. I am even slightly offended by them, as long as they are powered by petroleum based fuel. Humanity is living beyond the means of Earth's resources. And oil is where we will see a crunch soon.

tommy said...

LibyanWarrior confided to me in private that his dream car is a Yugo ("very difficult to find a decent Yugo these days," he stated), and if he can't have that, he wants a Gremlin. Right now, he is stuck driving an old station wagon circa 1970.

I pretty much hold Leilouta's opinion of cars myself: anything that gets me by. I wouldn't show my car to others either. I have about 20-30 books lying in the backseat, among other things. Gas mileage is an issue right now, fortunately I have a small, efficient car.

OK. OK. If I really had the means: a slick, silver Mercedes-Benz would be my first choice.

Adam said...

ah silly me I forgot to add this link I recently found:

UmmAminah said...

That's a real nice car you got yourself, mabrouk!

But are you sure you want to drive in Tripoli?????? I always get a mini depression there because of the "Halba Zahma!" and the way they drive. AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaargh!!! Help meeeeee!!!!!!!!!

My Bro in Law has even gone too far so as to drive wrong way and then JUMP a high-ish central strip, oblivious to the tears of terror in my eyes.
And I 'm the only one in my libyan family who wears the seat-belt

Highlander said...

NBA I'm glad I'm not in Saudi Arabia - this is Libya :)

Leilouta ;) That's not fair we should get to see that embarrassing car ! & Allah yiberk fik .

Libyan Warrior lol I have no idea how the car you are talking about looks like , show us a photo please .

AngloLibyan :) Allah Yibarik Fik.

A. Adam:) Thanks my friend - oh you got the Mitshi eh , those are very nice, I was going to buy the 2005 one but it was still about 3000 LD more than what I had lol.

Programmer_Craig :) No idea how you ended up with your ex-wife's car hmm is that how divorce settlements are in the US ?
WE used to have Honda Accords here they are very reliable.

Safia !!! I am shocked you have no driving licence ? no way 80% of Libyan girls do , all I see are women driving here. Some guy was complaining the other day that a father would rather buy a car for his daughter then his son because the son can get by but the daughter needs to be protected and so it is better for her to drive a car and take her sisters and mum to places or university etc..Maybe fathers do not want to run errands anymore ;) that's what I suspect as we have too much socialising here .Between a Merc and a Porshe if I could afford it I'd take the Porsche , but then I said I like 4 wheels drive cars ....

7mada :), shukran ya khoui , Audi's are also nice but I think all these classy cars are too fancy for me.

Redneck well you know the BMW do have a 4 wheel drive model I think - I might just change my opinion ;)

Redenclave, Oh I liked the Rav 4 as well but I heard it can easily be overturned here our streets are a bit bumpy..However we do have the Daihatsu Terios too and it is so cute and small, but would not fit half the people and the stuff I carry around all the time, plus I'm a tall gal and when I tried it my legs were pinched a bit, but it is beautiful and sturdy and reliable I agree 100%.

Adam :) As lons as oil is no problem here in Libya , I'm a mosnter guzzling fan but hey the car is so efficient and energy saving. I contemplated using my brother's bycicle to go around as a form of exercise , but seeing that I may not return in one piece home because of our wonderful way of driving and we have no bycicle lanes and driving is an exercise in survival. I decided against it-

Tommy :) long time no see man , we had some Yugos here those were decent cars

UmmAminah :) I've been driving in Tripoli and elsewhere for as long as I can remember, only recently it started being halba zahma, but they were they drive , you are right I give up . Don't worry about your bro in law , I once reversed on the highway for about 5 km when I missed my lane he he he, I do wear a seatbelt and did not get arrested ;)

Verdict ? it seems we have a tie between Japanese and German cars!

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Thats how my dream baby looks like.

AlanK said...


mine is a good old vauxhall corsa

as for dream car, not too fussy as long as it get the job done of moving me where i wish to go i am not fussy

maiuna said...

My dream car is a SLK-Class Mercedes Benz, and at the moment I’m driving a red C3...

I don't agree with buying 4x4 cars, cuz they're more harmful to the environment than the other cars, although by buying a 4x4 car you can drive easily here in Tripoli without worrying about the broken roads and the spread of holes all over the city!

Leilouta said...

Ok, maybe I will. I'll think about it :)

removedalready said...

you did mention that there are Daihatsu Terios on the road in Libya. I was wondering, the 4x4 vehicle is of the European model or Japanese model. There seem to be a different design for the rest of the world market (european market), over here, they've been given a different name as it has been assembled here therefore we have the same models as those sold in Japan.
for the japanese market:

European market:

UmmAminah said...

That episode happened on the corniche you know, going in the direction of the upside-down water bottles - Baab al Bahar, what's it called?

I've never seen such mad traffick as in Tripoli, not even in Germany

UmmAminah said...

this is what i drive
Mine's in a dark glittery green, currently the colour of caffe au lait due to the dust its gathered.