Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A meme from Syria

Sweetie Soraya (thank you ) has tagged me too here , ok let's see if I can do this exercise successfully:

1.Which is the single best post you’ve read on any blog? Please provide link.

This one

2. Which is the best post you’ve written? Which is your worst? Please provide links.


3. How about a place you’ve never been to but would very much like to see.


4. If you were a member of the opposite sex, what would you have done differently?

Oh no being female is more fun ;)

5. Do you remember a childhood recurrent dream or nightmare? Good or bad, tell us about it.


6. Make me laugh or make me cry, put your words to use.

Cry : a photo is better 'than a thousand words'

7. Do you regret the unfulfilled dreams, the inaccessible roads, the uncharted lands?

Nope I try to live to the fullest.

8. What is a friend to you? And what are you to a friend?

This is the ideal I try to live up to ( hattip MB ) ; I guess it answers both questions.

9. T.S. Eliot measured his life with coffee spoons, how about you?

Peoples' love.

10. Write your own epitaph, or if that is too hard, how would you like your epitaph to read?

Herein lies a chivalrous, generous soul.


Soraya said...


thanks for taking the tag i enjoyed readin it


Highlander said...

Soso sweetie you are welcome, actually that tag made me think about a lot of relevant things !

bousat ktir ktir !