Saturday, September 30, 2006

Top 9-11 post pick

September has drawn to an end , during that month I can safely say that countless were those who wrote about 9-11 one way or the other. I've read many of the posts on the blogosphere , people's reminescence, commemoration, minutes of silence , rants, dignified RIP and informed or unimformed political analysis. I even pitched in my humble opinion here , but from all that I read below were the posts that left an impact and I would like to share them with you.

(1) Flashback 9/11
(2) 9/11 or 9-1-1, more conspiracy thoughts.
(3) Map: war on terror .
(4) The "But" people .
(5) They are blaming the victim .
(6) Remembering 9/11 .

Please read carefully all 6 and tell me your pick and why ?


Nomad said...

hi High, it seems very quite tonight, les guerriers sont en campagne :lol:

(I put a comment on "Map war on terror")

Maya M said...

My favourite is "The But people", closely followed by "They are blaming the victim".

programmer craig said...

I missed Shlemazl's post! Sorry I did, the comments were good reading. The map was just depressing.

No comment about all the mourning Palestinians in Palestine, other than to say that since that isn't what I recall seeing the Palestinians doing LIVE on the news on September 11th, 2001 - I smell Pallywood. I'll never EVER forget the joyous celebrations in the Palestinian territories on that day. That has probably shaped my opinions about the war on terror more than anything else.

The take on the two blogs that presented the Palestian perspective is telling as well. I see no sympathy there, in those two posts. Not a bit. But just because I don't like what those two bloggers are saying, doesn't mean it isn't educational for me to read it.

I read ITMs and Leilouta's on that day, and thought they were both great. AngloLibyans was nice too - brief, but he made a good post.

So, in short... good job of providing a wide spectrum of views, Highlander :)

Twosret said...


Thanks for putting up my post.