Sunday, September 03, 2006

From the Rock anniversary

Highlander's blog is 3 years old today. While each and everyone of you who visited or who continue to read me deserves a warm hug for being there through thick and thin ( oh boy I sound mushy mushy ), I need a favour:

In your opinion how have this blog and it's author evolved over the years ? do you see any progress ? regress? change ? Do you understand me more ?
Now is your chance to say whatever you wish about Highlander, of course within the boundaries of decency .

( Shall I go hide for a few days?).


Non-Blogging said...

I've been a reader only for slightly more than half a year, I'd guess. With my mediocre maths it means 80% of the time I haven't been here but I've gone through much of the old stuff later. And as your reader statistics show, I've been quite a frequent reader he he.

Your blog is perhaps the one I follow most intensively. Not because it'd have exactly the most interesting topics or something, it's mostly because I've grown to like - although not always agree with - the community here and that really counts in the blogosphere.

Compared with the older stuff, I feel you're going in the right direction. More (superficially) silly topics and less toting of the official Libyan line which seems more dominant in the times when I wasn't here yet. You should just take follow that direction to its logical end. I second here Suliman's comment in the, ehem, latest matchmaking thread regarding allowing comments on so-called tricky posts. Blocking comments is food for conspiracy theories for whatever reason it's done, and if you don't like to participate, let us do it and you just follow :-).

You asked for an honest opinion, so you got one ;-).

Last but not least, if many of your readers frequently kindly ask to see your feet, (read: no request for exposing haram skin, you can hide that like I did in my photo he he) show them :-).

Or at least a shebsheb zanouba shaped birthday cake.

Happy Birthday and Long Live This Blog!

Highlander said...

I knew that ahem post was gonna be trouble lol ok Suliman and you get your wish :) it's open - and it looks less ambiguous for those who may have had trouble misunderstanding. => conspiracy theories and all that :)

Non-Blogging said...

But now I don't find Suliman's original comment anywhere.

No wish to participate as a complete outsider, it's just the principle ;-).

Now you just have to fulfill the Real Wish in my post he he he!

AngloLibyan said...

congratulations highlander and best wishes for many years to come InshAllah, i have been only visiting your blog for the past 5 months or so and i have to say that i really enjoy it and its one of my favourites :)

programmer craig said...

Happy blog-birthday, my dear Highlander! I still remember following you back here from Sandmonkey's blog (or was it Hellme's?) after one of your controversial yet cute comments a year and a half (or so) ago, and you've been my favorite blogger ever since :)

You know that I disagree with much of your political viewpoints, but you argue well and honestly and I enjoy the discussions.

Interestingly, I seem to disagree with Suliman at least as much as I disagree with you. Even your post about the 1986 bombing, America was clearly the bad guy and the aggressor the way you wrote that, yet I clearly understood your emotions and your opinions and felt that I might feel the same as you, if I had been in your shoes.

About the only thing we completely disagree on with no common ground at all is the case of the Bulgarian nurses. But as I recall, neither do I agree with Hanu and Suliman on that issue. Maybe it's best for me not to try to pick sides, other than my 100% American one :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi, and Happy Anniversary!

I have not been with you for so long so I do not have any opinion on how the blog has been evolving. But I do enjoy as it is. Keep the good work up. Saha!(*)

(*) Cheers

removedalready said...

Happy 3rd birthday from me, red (I like the sound of that now ;P ).

I can't seem to recall how I bump into your blog, was it through the fotopages? I remember posting comments there back in early 2005, I presume.

I haven't been blogging long, and didn't expect it'll stay this long online. It's been a year and a half or slightly more since the first time I left my footprints all over your blog...

Of all the Libyan blogs, I've always yours the most. I don't seem to know why? Your earlier topics were more of the serious kind, but you seem to mix them with other interesting things. Your ideas, opinions, thoughts seem to interest me. So, I can't wait to meet you in real life!

So what did you get yourself for ur 3rd anniversary? Boots? *I know Adam, NB & PC can't wait to see them on you*

Non-Blogging said...

Red, thanks :-). Maybe Highlander obeys your wish between the lines. You're a decent Muslim lady anyway unlike the others who wish to see more of Highlander's boots collection, surprisingly all kafir guys ;-).

Maya M said...

I've been a reader only since February, so I can't say whether there has been any change. And I would be very careful to describe an eventual change as progress or regress, because my reference point would be my own views and they, strictly speaking, aren't suitable for evaluation of other people's views.
I think Non-blogging is right that your blog is addictive! Though I cannot say how you achieve this :).

removedalready said...

Thanks for the compliment, if that's what I lead you to believe!
*grinning devilishly*

red aka the devil wears prada

Highlander said...

Thank you all :) you are the best a blogger could ever wish for ....

So far I only have 7 pairs :) I bought the last one on sale in July in London so funky next one on the wish list are Texan pale pink soft leather cowboy boots and black biker boots. I have a fetish about being a biker :P

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Mabruk!!!! ya highlander. inshallah u shall have another 300 years of the rock!!!!!! Its the only blog out their thats worth reading