Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two in one : memes again

A.Adam tagged some bloggers including me here ( thank you)! I cheated and went to see what Khadijateri wrote , and was pleased to find she had an English translation of the meme, which I'm going to use because I know that not all my readers are super proficient in Arabic ;) .

*Are you satisfied with the form and content of your blog?
The content yes the template no , but I tried changing it once and almost lost everything, so I figured what for as long as it is clear than it should be fine.
*Does your family know about your blog?
*Do you find it embarrassing to tell a friend about your blog?
No a couple of friends know about it.
*Do you consider it a private matter?
Yes that's why it's anonymous.
*Did the blogs lead to a positive change in your ideas?
My ideas are always positive , I'm so tolerant, a real softie at heart ( and so modest wink wink)...
*Is it enough for you to open the profiles of the commentors on your blog or do you try to discover more?
I go to their blogs and usually I always find them to be potential great friends !
*What does the hit counter mean to you? Do you care to put it in your blog?
I used to not care about the hit counter as I tried it and removed it twice. But the hit counter helped me notice how many diverse people were reading this blog and that it would be selfish to stop blogging if my voice was heard in far away place.Some people were translating it in Japanese I was shocked. So I started counting again.
*Have you tried to imagine the shape of your blogger friends?
Never, I like them as they are , then I either arange to meet with them ( I met a few already) or we become friends IRL and we exchange photos etc...
*Admit! Do you find a real value for blogging?
*Do you feel that the society of the bloggers is disconnected from the world around you or that it is affected by what happens?
No it is not disconnected.
*Are you annoyed by criticism towards your blog? Or do you find it a healthy phenomenon?
I like it , it means I'm on your mind ( how modest eh ? )
*Are you afraid of some political blogs and avoid it? Did the arrest of some bloggers shock you?

No to both.

Well since I'm doing this meme I remembered that Redenclave tagged me also a while back for a photo of my cellphone picture (thank you ). Below is the display picture and the brand just as you wished Red :)

So are you all feeling lucky or what ? , you get two memes for the price of one . Hmm maybe Libyan Warrior is right - could I be bored ? I don't think so ...I just like to keep my word and I'm enjoying the vacation with an overdose of blogging he he he I'm sure it will pass in a few days and I'll revert to my old regime or once or twice per week ...

In the meantime dear all have fun , if you feel like doing the test yourself go ahead, also we can play the 'show us your mobile' game ;) too ...anyone up for it ?


Non-Blogging said...

Highlander, we want to see your toes, not your mobile LOL

Anyway, thanks for opting for Finland's finest instead of a Swedo-Japanese softie SonyEricsson or Yankee Motorola hehehe ;-).

programmer craig said...

Hey, I heard a Finnish guy one the cell phone throwing contest a few days ago, NBA :P

What brand was he chucking, any idea?

Both my mobiles are Samsung thingies.... not bad, but pretty generic in form and function.

A.Adam said...

thanks for answering and I don't know if you need an english translation for the questions, I would send it like I did with Khadijateri.
now i am confused between show my mobile or my toes?

Highlander said...

A.Adam ,salam , I was going to translate them then found it ready on Khadija's so thanks for the offer anyway.
You can show your toes and your mobile , both are still up !

Programmer_Craig & NBA seriously Nokias are excellent and functional and I say that from experience. I had at least 9 of them + one Ericson before it merged with Sony, one samsung and one siemens. The motorola Razr looks nice but unfortunately the battery has a problem it does not last long. Another advantage of Nokia is; it is always Arabic ready - that's a plus in the ME .

Samsung have very nice models but too sensitive , and siemens cost me 50$ each time I needed to repair something in it, ended up paying for more than the price of a cell phone. LG just looks like a toy to me. sony ericson have really lovely new models but out of my budget.

Anyway what I have on my wishlist is a 'PDA-phone- pocket PC -GPS' combination, I can't make up my mind and choose one, whether the Palm or another make. Too much choice on the market...maybe I'll get one in the states ...

Non-Blogging said...

Craig, it seems that according to the competition rules you can throw any mobile you want (how liberal!). The results don't show which one this year's winner used:

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I too have fallen for the overwhelming marketing crunch by the Finnish mobile gigant.

NB dude (why do some ppl insist on calling him NBA?),
that was an intriguing link. I mean 89 metres, OMHG !!

But: with so many Finns in the top results it is evident that there is a conspiracy here. I do not doubt for a second that it is propelled by the unwholy alliance between the Finnish mafia and the N-Corpration!

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

lol. Yes Nokia is the best. The Folks over in the land of trolls, orcs, and hobbits have the coolest gadgets, they really are one of the best manufactures of technology in the world. Sony/Erricson is alright, LG(Libi a toy. highlander, U know your phones, but at least 9 so far. do u suffer from road rage like me. i know sometimes u just wanna throw them at rude drivers, but for moneys sake try to stick to honking the Libyas traffic will drive anyone insane.

removedalready said...

My first mobile phone was a nokia, so was my second, third was alcatel, fourth a motorola and and finally a sony ericsson, I might get a nokia the next time round. The problem with me is I change phones every year! Yikes, so that's where my money went! The reason I stopped using Nokia was, the design at that time was too colourful for me, and I can't afford it! But I'm definitely admiring the new phones by Nokia...

Highlander, I can't see your display picture! Is that some hot guy you're hiding from me?

Pumpkin said...

Highlander Darling,
I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see my mobile; it ain’t a pretty sight , believe me. I’m still stuck in 96, I guess.

For a sneaky peaky view of how my current mobile looks like go there:
Mine is an exact replica of the one in the middle, hehehe.

Umm, it looks like not only brainy guys scare the sh*** out of me but also technology. Believe me, I nearly have a heart attack every time I have to change the batteries of my remote control. Will it work, will it not? Did I miss it up! Oh, oh, it is working, no, no, it is not. Heart attack, heart attack! Not yet, not yet.

Adam 3asool, do you still wanna break the internet?

3asool = for Highlander to translate


Non-Blogging said...

But: with so many Finns in the top results it is evident that there is a conspiracy here. I do not doubt for a second that it is propelled by the unwholy alliance between the Finnish mafia and the N-Corpration!

Adam, I think it's not a conspiracy. The top list rather suggests that people elsewhere have lives and don't usually have to waste their time on trying to throw their mobiles dozens of metres in the air.

I suppose if there were ever anywhere shebsheb zanouba hitting world championships, Arab women would conquer 18 of the 20 first places, with two quota Euro-softies from among Highlander's readers the only outsiders ;-).

Pumpkin, you must write more here especially now that we've seen your toes and shoes :-).

Anonymous said...

Hi all, yes all of you!
Here is a fun phone related short movie, if you have 12 minutes to spare. It is by far superior to all that U-Tube stuff that some people insist on wasting bandwidth with.

And Pumpkin, ma cherie!
no, the rumours that I presently pose a substantial threat to the internet, are only maintained by prejudiced people. However, if…

NB, dude!
like most softies, you are a victim of your own wishful thinking and you are living in denial. I am sure there is an evil conspiracy. The results in this phone throwing competition prove it.

Libyan Warrior( KING OF AL-ANDLUS) said...

Adam Dude, their is a evil conspiracy behind everything, but many people have told me that we should keep the truth to ourselves or people will think where Odin and the valkyrie's created the phones as a way to communicate amongst each other in my personal opinion, see Odin would text message the valkyries to the nearest battle, so they could pick up dead warriors. All Scandanavian Governments are behind it but they are keeping it hush, hush for now.

Non-Blogging said...

Adam my Euro-softie colleague, I don't trust your judgement. Now, how credible is somebody who has voluntarily surrendered to Nokia's marketing brainwash and bought one of their phones? Some spine, please ;-).

Although I must admit there are some suspicious issues around the "world" championships... Check the rules... Like what's this that you can't apply against the jury's decisions (jury members are not listed anywhere)? And what about no doping tests?

Safia speaks said...

Nokia is crap - did you know that 70 % of all Nokia mobiles reveal an error in the first operating year???

Anyway, here is my humble Korean plastic mobile:

Safia speaks said...

sorry, this is the real link

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

LW Man, Those are dangerous words, revealing the conspiracy of all, just like that. Now you must look over your shoulder all the time, for the rest of your life.

NB, you are simply too soft to realize the hard facts when I speak about them. But at least you are beginning to discover "some suspicious issues" on your own. And the “secret” jury members? Well, surely they are Rothchilds all of them, with Pekka Rothchild as the permanent evil head of jury.

Safia, most mobile phones are crap no matter what make. Nice photo by the way, the man on the poster in the screen looks oddly familiar :)

Safia speaks said...

Adam, yes, I saw him pop up on my TV the last few days all the time!
A dinner guest of mine thought he might be some kind of rock star?

UmmAminah said...

Hope you're having great Fath Holidays!!!!!

We're having a couple of celebrations down here as well - great fun, excellent for making new friends with peers.

BTW - I've taken some photos of Amnah's feet - see post on my blog - photos of her footwear is soon to follow.

A.Adam said...

well heres mine