Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Imagine this...

The topic of the Greater Middle or New Middle East has generated a lot of bytes not just from you guys along with yours truely here , I was reading some articles and one link led to another and I found myself in this forum . I started reading the participants discussion..... this snippet caught my eye and I thought it was ridiculous . It is one of the commenter's idea of a response to the plan to redraw the map of the ME in what would be suitable for the interests of the West under the guise of the pursuit of democracy and the redressing of colonial wrongs.

Here is the part I thought was funny, kudos to the guy he's got fantastic imagination:

"It would be wise to start with giving the south of California and Texas to
Mexico ,for example. The tip of Florida could go to Cuba. Parts of Montana,
Wyoming and Dakotas could go to a Free Land of Original Settlers. Wisconsin
could handle a Free German State of North America. New York should be an
independent city state governed by UN."


programmer craig said...

Not sure why the descendants of Spanish colonists have more claim to land in the americas than the descendants of English or French colonists? Weird discussion about giving "stolen" land back to the people who stole it first, instead of second or third, eh? :P

Of course, there shouldn't have ever been any English colonists in the Americas to steal land, because they should have never invaded Britain, and then England would never have existed anyway! So many problems solved if we just reset the clock, right?

Highlander said...

Programmer_Craig , my history of the Americas is patchy , so care to explain to me your comment please and also what the guy's proposed plan means. I simply thought it was funny , but maybe he does have a point ?

programmer craig said...

Yes that commenter you quoted was all over the place, Gighlander. I think he was just trying to illustrate how absurd the idea is!

As far as giving Texas and Caliufornia to Mexico - the US took California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico (the 4 most southwestern states in the US) from Mexico after the Mexican-American war. Many Mexicans to this day still consider them to be part of Mexico. I do not, because theer were more Americans living in those regions than Mexicans at the time. They were only part of Mexico on paper, as they were claimed by the Spaniards as part of the Spanish coloinies by the early Spanish explorers.

As for some of his other speculations, it seems as if he wanted to allocate land based on the country of origin of the majority populations. I suppose parts of the east coast should go to Italy and Ireland as well, and part of upstate New York should go to Ukraine. Half of Los Angelese could go to Iran! Who do we give the regions inhabited mostly by black Americans to? Set up some sort of lettery to see which African country should get them?

Anyway... silliness.... but it was a funny comment :)