Sunday, August 13, 2006

Awakening a Conscience ?

Someone in the comment section (probably Craig) asked why did I keep bringing up articles from idiotic westerners and not from Arabs ? He wanted articles from Arabs to pick on and articles from intelligent westerners to pick on hmmm

Well I have been bringing a few articles from time time and even going through the trouble of translating them for you guys to rip each other about them. I can't help that the articles that do not seem to fit your particular line of thought are dismissed as idiotic now can I ? ;)
Anyway here is a short fresh one from last week. I'm back to my usual antics, count that interlude as just that - a freak storm.

Extremely Innocent questions : by the editor in chief of the 'Jamahiriya' daily newspaper issue 4991 dated 2-8-06 ( my translation)

"A few years ago, the Darfur regime was not present on the western mind despite
its geographical presence.Also a few years ago Darfur was NOT in the western
spotlight despite the sun hitting directly on it. Nothing was mentioned about 7
million Sudanese living in an area as large as France, whether Darfur's
inhabitant fought eacht other or not, whether they waged wars against each other
or not or whether the disputes about grazing grounds and water sources took
place or not.

Yet neither Paris, or Washington, or London or anyone new what was
happening within the history tunnel, and maybe no one wanted to know.
That is we must question the Darfur file and this 'sudden' great Western
concern about it .
Is it a case of a sudden love by the West towards this region?Why has this conscience been swallowing sleeping pills for mor than half a century while Palestine was screaming in its ears ?
Why has the western conscience unexpectedly woken up?and most importantly where was this conscience which is now making a racket regarding Darfur... why does it not open it's eyes regarding Lebanon?

What is Israel doing now will enable Hitler, Genkhis Khan and Nero to obtain a certificate of good behaviour. "


Non-Blogging said...

Highlander managed to provoke me into a good old-fashioned Non-Blogging verbal fury with this article LOL... I was almost closing to the end of a long rant here before I noticed I still can't break my promise on not commenting you-all-know-what crisis. So I won't. Suffice to say, to be somewhat rude, I think the article is somewhat idiotic. Not because I disagree on matters of taste but because the writer resorts to mental martyrdom, conspiracy theories, lack of self-criticism and poor checking of facts. Op-eds of course are often that.

So, I can only comment on the non-you-all-know-what part of the article.

Which is something I've commented here before as well but I'll repeat my points.

Darfur is a forgotten catastrophe, partly because a certain, tragic yet far less tragical situation you-all-know-where makes bigger headlines everywhere. The West definitely should do more to help Darfur but honestly, what on Earth is the rest of the world doing then?

Check the website of the OIC ( I found there 15 search results for "Darfur". One can't find a single critical word towards the despotic and murderous Sudanese regime in them, however. Instead, there are communiques stressing Sudan's territorial integrity and avoidance of foreign troops. Just compare that with the obsession the organization's official declarations have with you-all-know-what and you'll get the picture.

Unfortunately, the Arab League website ( is only available in Arabic. Someone here who masters Arabic and is kind :-) is of course free to go check it and tell me if that differs at all from the OIC. I doubt.

As a non-reader of Jamahiriya, may I also suggest that a Libyan student of journalism make a comparative analysis of Darfur and you-all-know-what crisis and their handling in the paper? My prejudice is the former is not the more widely covered crisis there either.

Finally, what does the writer mean with the sudden Western concern about Darfur? Unfortunately I haven't seen any real concern for Darfur anywhere.

So, as a reply to the editor's not so extremely innocent question:

Dear Sir,

I support the freedom of speech and am therefore happy to give you the right to think what you want and express it. However, your credibility suffers a big blow if you resort to propaganda and lack of self-criticism instead of an opinionated, harsh yet objective op-ed (that's the kind of stuff I like reading myself). Whatever good points you might have are not credible in my thoughts just because of that bias.

Yours sincerely,

Non-Blogging, your first time reader

P.S. I support your idea of awarding the party you deem suitable an annual, monthly or whatever Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan and Nero Award for Good Behaviour. Now that you seemingly have awarded the first trophy, may I and your others readers suggest entries for the following laureates? Remember, it's very boring if you always give the award to the one and same country ahead of many others which are at least as well qualified for the honour.

P.P.S. You have a very kind translator ;-). You might perhaps consider rewarding her with a lunch or something. Without her I wouldn't even have heard about your newspaper.

Highlander said...

NBA, well that was the point of this post , Craig wanted to see some 'idiotic' articles ...

Having said that not everything is idiotic in this OpEd. Just as selective are Arabs in the importance of Darfur vs Palestine, so can the West be accused of the same 'sin'.

I actually think that the West does not even have to care about both.

I'll let it rest at that not wanting to go into the you know what topic .

Actually Darfur is much covered in the Libyan newspapers because it is in Africa and we are African too and because Libya through the African Union has been trying to broker a peace deal for many years now and has been airlifting aid to the refugees on a constant basis. I have no idea how the peace process is progressing because the news get conflicting depending on whose propaganda you read the West or the ME or Africa but I'm hoping things can be settled...

Adam said...

And if "Idiotic Arabs" are not enough, how about "Idiotic Israelis"

I am talking about Livni. I offer Sandmonkey's description of her:

Non-Blogging said...

By the way, I just wanted to check what this newspaper is all about. One of the search results I got was a link to a Human Rights Watch report on the Libyan press ( If the editor behind the op-ed is still this certain Mr. 'Abd al-Razaq Mas'ud al-Dahash, this is a classic quote from him from 2005:

According to the editor of a main daily newspaper, Al-Jamahiriya, free expression does not exist in other countries “because the media is owned by companies or individuals” who have their own interests. “Nationalizing the media to the people through the People’s Congresses gives them freedom of expression,” he said.

Ideally, this should then of course mean freedom of expression in the Wikipedia way. In practise... hmm... just read the report yourselves. Talk about self-denial :-(.

To be objective myself, I'll keep you informed when I next see an idiotic article published in the Finnish media. Believe me, there are many. Letters to the editor are usually the best places to try, results are guaranteed ;-).


You travel thousands of kilometres to blog instead of chasing Zulu hotties ;-)?

Maya M said...

When the usually moderate Non-blogging unsheathes his sword and writes a text which can be mistaken for one written by Programmer Craig, Tommy or me, be sure his opponent is really idiotic :).
The good thing in the cited op-ed is that Hitler is implied to be a bad man.
Not all Arabs thought so. At, examples are given of Palestinian men named Hitler. Their fathers liked Hitler so much that couldn't think of a better name for their cute babies!
I guess there have been even more such babies. As said F. Zakaria (, "When Adolf Hitler was on the rise and advancing in the 1930s, tens of millions of people in Europe and around the world admired his strength and vision. (Young children from Latin America to Turkey were named Adolf in his honor.) Once Nazism was destroyed, they quickly abandoned his cause. (The children were given new names.)"

Highlander said...

Maya , many changed their name from Sadam to Mohamed ( or other Arab name) after the US invasion on Iraq, I understand about the name issue.
Most Libyans I know think Hitler is bad, however they think that Bush too is bad ;)

programmer craig said...

Boy, this guy is really a retard isn't he? Thanks, Highlander :D

He doesn't even know Ghengis Khan is not remembered in history as a bad guy, does he? No more than Alexander teh Great is considered a bad guy. Perhaps he confuses Ghengis Khan with Attila the Hun aka The Scourge of God? Now THAT was a bad guy!!

Non-Blogging said...

Craig, as far as I know in Mongolia Genghis Khan is nowadays a respected cult hero, although he was very much downplayed and ignored during the communism there.

Of course we Euro-softies revered him already during the Cold War. Check this video, the German song was quite a hit in the late 1970s (or early 1980s). There's even a Finnish cover of it which keeps ringing in your head if you are exposed to it...

Beats your favourite bellydancing videos, huh?

I'd also like to add Napoleon to those people who should belong to the horror gallery instead of being a national hero.

Highlander said...

Out of topic but still interesting ....Ghenkhis Khan's grandchildren went native and became Muslims...

1220 Muslim cities start falling under his feet.

"On the other hand, the Mongol invasion was not entirely negative for the Islamic world. Perhaps the most significant achievement for the Muslims under Mongol rule was their ability to absorb the Mongols into their Islamic culture, rather than allowing its destruction at Mongol hands. This feat can be seen in the triumph of the Islamic faith over Mongol shamanism and Buddhism. It had occurred so quickly, in fact, that only 40 years after the fall of the Abbasid caliphate in 1258, the Mongols responsible for it had themselves adopted Islam as the official religion of their empire".

Anonymous said...

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