Friday, August 25, 2006

Shebsheb Zanouba ( UPDATED)

Some of the readers expressed curiousity & interest in the action of hitting a man with a shebsheb zanouba ( if it is not them I guess ) especially after they found out that those are rubber flip flops ;) - the common species of rubberis flip floppus excuse my Latin.

Well here is a prime example , Highlander's own shebsheb ( ain't that better than my poster?), you already saw my boots !

Apart from being useful in disciplining unruly men, they are good for the shower, the beach and loafing around the house in summer or when we are washing the floor at home with water and soap ...the elaborate typical Libyan tasyig style of cleaning ( maybe we could talk about that another time )

Update 26-8-06
NBA wants a contest of shebshebs ;) or footwear , Leilouta already has a nice collection of footwear online ......, Programmer _Craig may show us either his feet or his boots ( if he does not chicken out at the last minute he he he), Redenclave has already put her favourite sandals .
Dear readers and bloggers : If you want to add more to the collection of 'show us your footwear !' you are welcome

Update 27-8-06

Safia has shown her footwear and her foot problems a few days ago :). While Roba went shoe shopping ..and we learn she 's got gorgeous toes . The funniest of them all though is NBA, he has kept his promise and sent a photo to publish on the blog and share with you all + what he calls an essay to go with it , which I had promised to post so you will all have to enjoy his prose - quite educational :) Thanks NBA lets hope this will encourage you to blog !

"Non-Blogging tries to be barefoot as much as possible. As this is a blog frequented by many decent Muslim ladies, out of respect for them the kafir Non-Blogging, however, prefers to show here as little of his desirable but haram fair skin as possible. His feet are covered here by mustat sukat [black socks] and his legs by housut of the suorat housut [trousers] sub-species commonly worn by people in the Western cultural sphere in professions where the risk of getting sweaty or greasy is minimal.Mustat sukat have little use in disciplining unruly women except for when they are left lying on the floor waiting for the next hottie passing by to hold her nose and pick them up. Furthermore, they can be used in symbolic mental torture due to the fact that mustasukkainen in Non-Blogging?s native language means both jealous and literally black-socked. Wearing jealous black socks is the worst aggression a Euro-softie like Non-Blogging could ever think about.Last but not least, Non-Blogging insists that such trivial things as flip-flops sound boring in English but bear the scent of Oriental mysticism when referred to as shebsheb zanouba. He thus hopes using his native terms here brings the readers a scent of the cold, formerly invincible North now gone soft."


Non-Blogging said...

It's hard trying not to smile and LOL reading all these most recent posts on this blog. This all is becoming weird but I like it :-)!

Should we all send pictures of our footwear here? I owe no flip flops, though ;-).

Now that the talk has so often been about such topics as hotties, boots, smashing and crying pumpkins, I bet Highlander must already be receiving diplomatically speaking weird new visitors, in the way Leilouta did some months ago:

For all of you who didn't notice it yet, yes, everybody's favourite Tunisian-American blogger is finally back from her hiatus!!!

AngloLibyan said...

i havent heard shesheb zanouba in years but i do own a flipflop which i wear rarely, very funny :)

Hannu said...

HL, I like the zeleiz in the picture more than the flip flops :) Haven't seen that in a long time!

Hannu said...

BTW, isn't shebsheb zanouba an Egyptian term? We call it shebsheb esbe3 (toe's shebsheb) in the east.

removedalready said...

Highlander, did you realise that we need to keep on reloading our blogs. I didn't realise that you have enter 2 entries until now which is 2117 HK time (+8).

Nice flip flops & very shiny marble floors. Too bad I no longer own flip flops. I used to own an all black one, looks great with jeans! Never hit anything with it though!

Should i try doing so? Especially when men with octopusy arms come along!!

Pumpkin said...

From Her Majesty the Queen Pumpkin, daughter of the Late King Squash and Queen Watermelon,

To everyone who loves pumpkin and its family, the Curcurbita Dynasty.

Salam, Hello, Hi,

Disciplining unruly men, oh, my my, I love that. Just let me say it again, di-sci-p-li-ning un-ru-ly m-en. Highlander darling, that is the best thing I’ve heard in ages. I tell you, I can see loads of bottoms, oh, oh, I mean men, need disciplining around here, hehehe. Hmm, and yours just looks perfect for the job. Actually I’ve got two filp flops, one for showers and disciplining imaginary men, the other for the beach, hehehe.

Oh yes, I remember the one with a daisy on top. I had one with an orange daisy, how Libyan!! Honestly and I fought fiercely with my sister over it. I was sporting that filp flop with an orange daisy, plus the few cuts and bruises inflicted by my very nice sister, for the whole summer. I’ve never felt proud in my life prancing in front of our house with that daisy flip flop, I swear. I want a filp flop with a daisy, I want a flip flop with a daisy, boohoo.

Highlander habibti, walahi, I’m dying for a real Libyan Gherma, especially if it involves Taghti3 wa Teryyish, oh, oh, my favourite food. LOL, LOL I might give you a buzz this weekend, depends on the mood and the budget, hehehe.

Adam Azizi ( I think I darlinged you enough!) thanks for the beautiful thoughtful songs. You made my day. 10 out of 10. (I left a comment on your blog, shush don’t tell anyone)

Craig, I’m still waiting for the song/video, just don’t forget to wear a cowboy hat and boots. I told you, I have a big soft SPONGE for Yankees, hehehe.

Non-blogging, hmm!! (We are sorry to inform you that comments for the one and only Non-blogging had been censored for security reasons. Official Stamp. Ref No.: 123!!458$$98&&12£££PUM)


Non-Blogging said...

Pumpkin, why not send a picture of your shebsheb zanouba to Highlander and have it posted here? The readers could then decide which one of you two Libyan hotties has hotter flip flops ;-).

Highlander said...

Hanu yes we say shebseb sobu3 as you said about the zanouba shebsheb, I think along the Egyptians, the Sham people say Zanouba . I used it sarcastically in a sense where the word shebsheb zanouba and swatting someone with has become idiomatic from Arab movies :) Every Arabic speaker can identify with it.

NBA and all please feel free to send photos of your shebsheb/footwear and I will gladly post next to your name in one post LOL

Hanu I love our zeleiz and probably cannot survive without it for a long time . Is it available in the US ?

Hannu said...

I have not seen this zeleiz here. For flooring, we got tile, wood, and laminate (disgusting). That zeleiz is way too thick to use here. And definitely, you cannot do any tesyeg in US houses; the whole house will be dripping and be soaked like a sponge... hehe

Leilouta said...

I love flipflops. I am wearing some right now. I wear them most of the time especially on the weekends and after work. I even work out on the trademill in them.I find it much more comfortable than sneakers but my husband thinks I am crazy because of it.
BTW, I learned not to wash the floor with flipflops…too dangerous for me…I clean in barefeet.

programmer craig said...

Hmmm.... I don't have any flip-flops anymore. We used to wear those in the marines for taking showers. We called em shower shoes. Because everyone used the same showers like a gym. I guess it's safer (better footing) and more sanitary. They were't all flowery and stuff though, just plain grayish colored rubber flip-flops :O

Maybe I'll send you a picture of my boots, H :) Or my bare feet, eh? I'm usually barefoot when I'm lounging around the house. This is Southern California, after all. My feet are all knobby and callused though, so maybe not until I get a pedicure :D

Non-Blogging said...

Craig, I guess we had something similar as well. Grey, rubbery, though I don't remember if we had this thing Highlander's shebsheb zanouba has between the two toes or not. I don't either remember what the official name for the thing was but in the conscript slang they were called p**s skates (we have decent ladies reading here but the word I'm censoring refers to urine ;-)). If somebody doesn't get the joke, it's a reference to the presumed unhygienic condition of a shower room and toilet shared by way too many idiots.

removedalready said...

Instead of flip flops, I put on this real cool sandal by timberland. It's very comfy & rugged.

Timberland Women's Patrika slide
Below is the link to the picture:

Highlander said...

NBA , you can say we use the Arabic in the midst of sentences to be kinda cool in way ... I never thought about it but now that you are asking yes it is more fun - ads spice. Look at yourself if I had used the term flip flops or slippers you would not have said anything but the moment there was a word you do not understand ;) the attention span spiked up .... we all like a little mystery .

Redenclave your sandals are gorgeous and look so comfortable

Highlander said...

Hanu OMG no zeleiz ? laminate ? and no tasyig *tearing my hair out* this is too difficult how did you get used to it ? taysig is so great especially in the summer .... ( I know it guzzles so much water I know ...)

Safia speaks said...

I beat you days before!
Look at my spcial footwear collection edition including blue toes here:

Non-Blogging said...

NBA , you can say we use the Arabic in the midst of sentences to be kinda cool in way ... I never thought about it but now that you are asking yes it is more fun - ads spice. Look at yourself if I had used the term flip flops or slippers you would not have said anything but the moment there was a word you do not understand ;) the attention span spiked up .... we all like a little mystery .

This won't go unpunished, Highlander. Get prepared for an invasion of broken English mixed with a variety of languages on your blog from your readers who want to sound more cool and mysterious than they really are hehehehe... How many different native tongues do we have here anyway? Hehehehe, as for alphabets we have at least Arabian, Latin, Cyrillic... Craig, you write Cantonese, too?

By the way, is zeleiz the floor you have under the shebsheb zanouba in the photo? (Ah, I start sounding like a cool Arab blogger ;-)) Hope you won't ever hit Mr. Highlander with that.

Highlander said...

I can manage with Arabic, Latin and Cyrillic ;)NBA I might have a problem with Cantonese , but Pumpkin may help ? not sure .....yes zeleiz is that floor.

Safia oh thank you so much for the link everyone is thinking of shoes this month lol

programmer craig said...

NBA, there is no written form of Cantonese, it's teh same as Mandarin written in Kanji. And no, I can't scrawl a single Kanji character! My ex-wife could only write Chinese because she lived in China til she was 14. Her younger brother and sisters can only speak Cantonese and Mandarin, they can't read or write it. As is the case with most Chinese immigrants, by the way. It's a very difficult language, in written form.

I can throw out some english versions of Cantonese words if that would help though, gweilo? :P

Non-Blogging said...

Now where are all the comments here praising my gorgeous legs and cute warm socks? I need attention ASAP.

Non-Blogging said...

P.S. Shoes (and backs) of Iraqi bloggers:

Anonymous said...

Non-Blogging, dude u might b soft but ure really funny!

Now with such initimate photos we can soon figure out your IRL identity. Actually who would have thought that HL's offhanded remark about punishing men (in such a cruel way) would lead to all these comments.

So if Arabic in the middle of sentences is so cool then how hyvää rakaasta Soumi rnt some other secret languages!

Roba said...

haha. I love Zanoubas!! (although we just call them osba3 here) They're awesome.

programmer craig said...

NBA, I saw that pic on Morbid Smile's blog just now... so cool, seeing even the backs of Iraqi bloggers that I've been reading :)

When can we see the backs of all the Libyan bloggers, eh?

I'm going to see if I can find a pair of my old olive drab "combat socks" from the marines to model for Highlander's blog! They have reinforced toes and heels and are really think scratchy wool! You can't find such uncomforable socks just anywhere, you know!