Saturday, August 12, 2006

Déjà vu

Oh the irony, I thought this time it would be different .... I give up let the darkness in ....

It's the black hole version 2.1 , Dhafer meri jaan where are you ? It's difficult to get in touch with you now that you have a family. If you read this then call, we need to fix it. Je t'assure que c'est tellement pathetique que cela en devient marrant.

This is an SOS .


Hannu said...


You were just talking about love and romance... what happened? I followed the discussion, but couldn't contribute with you all aboard while I am on board. Hope you all join soon :)

Cheer up, dear... We are survivors and capable of battling the fiercest storms--no matter what. Will be checking back on you.

Non-Blogging said...


Hanu above stole my words :-(.

Anonymous said...

If I were to gamble I think I know. I think she is talking about the latest and greatest resolution from the UN, it's contents as well as Isreals treatment of it.

OOOPS! I mean interpretation of it.

Hi Hanu! Long time no C :)

Hannu said...

Hey, Adam. Thanks for the note... Life is taking me places, physically and mentally; it's exhausting. Now I’m here, tomorrow I may not be.

What's different about the UN resolution and its outcome anyway? Same old, same old. We've developed thick skins for that. I ran across an Italian friend at the pool today, an old lady, and she went politics on me. She said, "What do you think is the best solution? Destroy Israel? Wipe out the whole area and start anew?" I shook my head for the first two parts, she doesn't give you time to answer, Louisa, and nodded eagerly to the last. Unrealistic, but tat's what describes "finding a solution to the Middle East problems."

programmer craig said...

The UN peacekeepers cannot be allowed to deploy. The peacekeeping force has not been authorized to use force. This is an attampt by the UN to appear to be doing something, when in fact it is doing nothing at all. And what happens if Israel has to go back in and there are 15000 UN troops in the way?

Foolishness. This has to be allowed to play out to the bitter end this time. Too many ceasefires. Somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose. Otherwise, it never ends.

Highlander said...

Hanu welcome back 3azizti , walahi 7assa kana ildunya daiket 3alaya wa laken inshallah ma dhik il ba3da faraj .
As for the ME , I'll keep my fingers crossed for another outcome.

NBA thank you .

Adam that wasn't such a bad guess, but I won't say if you were right or not

Programmer_Craig it is good to see you back commenting.

Non-Blogging said...

I'm no doctor but I guess something. Our poor hostess has now written two positive posts in a row, neither leading to boycotts, family feuding, name-calling or death threats among the regular readers. If the diagnosis then is overdose of love and kindness, is more good old-fashioned fighting about the Middle East the cure?

Cheer up, Highlander, we need you here! And if the cure is what I suppose, I can do my part in cheering you up by waging a verbal war on your blog. Just name the topics (remember there's this one thing I don't really comment) and preferred victims ;-).

Anonymous said...

Hi Hanu, yes I have been reading a bit about your little loved ones. And:
"What's different about the UN resolution and its outcome anyway?"
Nothing much methinks. And that's how I read Highlander's "De'ja Vu"...

Highlander said...

Thanks Hanu,NBA, Adam and Programmer_Craig, good guesswork, I'm afraid none of you were close to the real issue though the UN cease fire resolution is pretty depressing to be honest. However, you've seen by now that things are almost back to normal with Highlander. As you said Hanu , we are survivors- If I can battle the fiercest storms simpler issues should not be a problem . Luv you all .